Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rod and Danielle Finally Get Some Time Alone (Video)

Can you believe it?  Another video.  I warned you guys.  Don't worry.  I can't stay at this pace.  Can I?

Here in Morristown I pretty much have control over what happens.  However, there are a few dolls, that will sometimes just do their own thing.  For instance, Halle Berry and Darius.  As you know I can't even keep those two near each other for fear of what may happen.  Well this video had a similar feel to me.  Normally, as I am shooting the video, I am writing the story in my head.  For this video, I had an idea in mind of what I wanted to happen.  Rod and Danielle had other ideas.  This is not the story I had in mind, but apparently it is the story they wanted me to tell.

As I was shooting the video, I realized that I didn't have a story like I normally do.  Why?  Because these two just weren't talking.  All they were doing was looking all googly eyed at each other.  I knew I was in trouble.  Well after analyzing the pictures, I finally figured out what they were saying.  These two were definitely running this show.                
No, I did not paint the camper.  I have no intention on painting the camper. 

Check out the moose blanket.  Only Rod would have a moose blanket. I bought that material a couple of weeks ago and had no clue how I was going to use it.

Now you know why I was trolling the basement for trees.

Double-click on the YouTube logo to see the video full screen.
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  1. Great scene as usual. I like that camper setup. I think Rod will be moved in quickly. Danielle definitely needs Adele to lift some of the wedding stress from her shoulders.

  2. Very pleasant interlude. The poses really express the emotions well.

  3. Dollz4Moi - Thanks. When she told him he could move in, I was like "NOOOO!" What the what! Easy for her to say, she doesn't have to do all the rearranging and building a new bedroom, etc. I sure wish I had an Adele relieving some of this wedding stress from me. I didn't have this much stress with my own wedding.

    limbe dolls - Thanks. They did all the work, I was just working the camera. Every time I turned around they were hugging and kissing. Would you believe they didn't fall once in this video. They did break the poorly designed bed a few times.

  4. Cute. I liked how fast Rod got comfortable with his opened shirt. I guess he was showing off. Too Funny!!

  5. This is another great Rod and Danielle installment -- so "romantical." This couple was made for one another.

    Has Rod got "abs" or what?

    I look forward to learning Danielle's dress choice.

  6. mrscarissa - Rod wanted everyone to know he didn't have a beer belly. LOL. Actually, the shirt kept bunching up at the top and ruining my shots. Since it was the perfect camping shirt, I had no interest in trying to find another one, hence the open shirt.

    DBG - I've always loved that word "romantical". They really should add that to the dictionary. For all I know, it may already be there. Danielle really loosened up without the boys around. She is really reserved when the kids are around. She is the typical good mom, even in dollyworld. Hopefully people will see that she really does love Rod and that she isn't just marrying him for the boys' sake.

  7. Hello from Spain: the video enchanted to me. I have the caravan as well as the chairs in color orange. We always agreed in furniture. We have very good pleasure. Road and Danielle make good coople but I do not know if they will be the famous wedding. I liked much monnse blanket. I like as you had left the ground and trees. How you put the grass? I like that camper setup. That I am not dressed wedding to choose it. Danielle is so pretty that everything well it will have left. One simple one and fit to the body. Very good video and I am wishing more. We follow in contact of blog blog

  8. Marta - Thanks. The grass can be purchased on a roll in the train/hobby section of the craft stores. I then glued it to a board.

  9. Vanessa,you are so talented.This is a true to life love story.This was how my husband and I reacted before our wedding day (22 years ago).The fitted dress should be her wedding dress,because these two are too hot.

  10. drupay - Thanks so much for your comments. Congrats on making it 22yrs. Funny thing is my ex-husband was the one freaking out about my bachelorette party. He didn't have a bachelor party. Didn't want one. He wanted us to have a party together. Yes, I had a party. No he wasn't happy. I left the rest of the wedding stuff to him and his kids. I just showed up. LOL! That fitted dress has been very popular here on the blog.

  11. I have watched every one of your videos and without a doubt this one was my favorite. I was smiling the entire time and a few times I felt like I was totally intruding on their privacy, but I couldn't look away!

    I'm always amazed at how much emotion these dolls can convey.

    Great job.

  12. Hey It's Muff - Thanks. I felt like an intruder, too. This was by far the most I've seen Danielle relax. She's so used to being in charge sometimes it's hard for her not to be 'running' things.

  13. I LOVE them as a couple! Danielle seems so sweet and Rod is her perfect knight in shining armor. I loved everything about this video. Their emotions was perfectly shown in every romantic!

    P.S. I have this same doll (Rod) but mine is the total opposite of yours. Lol! Mine is a Casanova in my dolly world. Maybe this is because I have a shortage of male dolls.

  14. Georgia Girl - Thanks. They both have those piercing eyes that are able to convey so much emotion. I like that she had her guard down and was just able to relax. I am glad they were finally able to show those emotions. I think it will make the wedding planning and actual wedding so much better.

    Rod as casanova? I can see that. Such a shame that we have such a shortage of men.

  15. Super cute! I wouldn't paint the camper either! ;)
    I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

  16. In A Dolly's World - Thanks! Merry Christmas! I look forward to blogging with you next year.

  17. Hey there Van!
    Ok you did it again. Had me sitting and staring intensely at the screen. I too felt I was intruding. I was so involved my dog ran up to me and it scared me. LOL
    Love Love Love it!!!
    In the words of Audrey2 in little Shop of Horrors...FEED ME!

  18. Gwen - You are so funny! How do you think I felt being behind the camera. They really weren't supposed to be doing all that hugging, etc. They were supposed to be having a serious talk about the wedding. Oh well. Can you blame them? They are getting married and madly in love with each other. When I looked at the video when it was done, I swear I don't remember putting them in most of those positions. I put the video together right after shooting the pictures and it is all a blur to me. I can't even explain it.


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