Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finally Using That Awkward A-Frame House

I have had this A-Frame house for more than 8 years.  It has sat in the basement unused the whole time.  There were many times that I just wanted to get rid of it, but every time I saw what it was selling for on Ebay, I decided to hang on to it.  It never seemed to be big enough to do much with it.  After my post yesterday, I was inspired to dust it off and pull it out of the basement.  I had been thinking of having Tina's office here, but decided against it.  (I did start her office, too, though.  She has her couch all ready.)  Instead I decided to use the top half for Chang's architect office.  I was anxious to debox my recently purchased architect doll.  The bottom half I decided to make as Ian's bachelor pad.  Now that he has a new girlfriend, he needs a place to entertain.

This is the administrative assistant's office.  It's the end of the day and Sunni has stopped by to get Chang.  He has been working late for the past few weeks and he promised to leave at a reasonable hour to spend some time with the girls.  He has been leaving so early in the morning and returning so late at night, that they have barely seen him.

"So have you been keeping crazy hours, too, since they started this new project?" (Sunni)
"No.  I've had a little overtime, but nothing to complain about.  It should calm down pretty soon.  It's usually this way when we first start a project."

"Daddy, are you coming with us?"
"I sure am.  So what did you do at school today?"
"We did numbers, and we colored.  Ummm..."

Amaya continues telling her dad about her day.  I am still decorating Chang's office.

Rick and Darius are finishing up some paperwork in the conference room.

"Well Rick, I will have Chang send these papers and the blueprints off first thing in the morning.  I like what he has put together so far."
"So do I.  Let's just hope they like it." (Rick)
"I'm going to hit the road.  I promised Nikki we could go out tonight for dinner."
"You definitely don't want to stand her up.  Could make for a very long night."

This is Ian's kitchen.  It's nice and quaint.

He has a small table that seats two.  In a pinch it can seat four.

This is his living room.  Oh and look.  He has a labrador retriever.  He is the first person in Morristown to get a dog.  That is thanks to my blog friend Marta.  She frequently features dogs and cats in her dioramas.  It always remind me that I have a ton of animals at the Morristown pet center that are waiting to be adopted.  Poor animals. 

Her name is Goldie. She's a real sweetheart.  Right now she is wondering why Ian isn't taking her for her after work walk.

Ian is actually watching a little TV to wind down after a long day at work.  He also wants to grab a quick nap before he showers for his date with Raven.

His place is in desperate need of a woman's touch.  Some curtains, throw rugs, and pictures will definitely warm up this place.  I am just glad that he finally has his own little place.  It's small, but it's perfect for him.

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  1. I am so pleased to see you utilize this house! Everything looks marvelous. :) And what did you use to make the table in the conference room? It's awesome!

  2. No curtains! Tsk, tsk. Yes Ian needs someone to remind him about curtains. The new girlfriend will probably make that a priority, lol.

    Your A-frame looks good ... did you repaint some of it tan or brown? I like the administrative assistant's desk in black and the matching table behind her.

    Thanks for sharing these updates.

  3. AMAZING!!! I LOVE this house! Ok, school me...are there several versions of the A framed house? Yours looks a bit different in the middle section. Wow, it has an amazing amount of space, I had no idea!

    I adore that paisley sofa you made. It fits perfectly in that space. All of the little touches look so cozy and that home office...forgetaboutit!

    As for Ian, I'm curious what's going on with his love life. I didn't get a chance to comment yet on the photo story yesterday (but will today) and heard that he has a date with Raven? Hmm...whassup with that?

  4. Cat - Thanks. That table has traveled a couple of places, but it now has a permanent home. The top of that table is just a glass candle holder that can be found in any dollar store. The base is a bathroom accessory cup.

    D7ana - No painting was done at all on this house. I thought that I would, but decided against it. Don't worry Ian will get his act together with warming up the place. You know sometimes it takes those bachelors a little time. You should see his refrigerator. Totally empty I tell you. LOL.

    Tracy - Thanks. I know there are a couple different colors, but there really isn't a lot of space in the middle. That paisley loveseat has been just waiting for the perfect space. Ta da! Actually this house is functioning as two separate entities. So the top level is considered office space. If you recall, when I introduced Ian, I couldn't decide if he would date Olivia or Raven. I started with Olivia, but I knew that he would always end up with Raven. It just took me a lot longer to introduce her into the stories. She and my Brandy doll were supposed to make the Labor day cookout, but missed the bus and never showed up.


  6. Love what you did with the A-Frame! Would love to see a story about the Morristown Pet Adoption Center.

  7. I love this...yeah, he certainly need a little help with the decor`...maybe he should line up a decorator, huh?

  8. Toledogirl - Hi Asha. So glad to have you commenting on the blog. Thanks so much for your kind words. It only took me 8 years to figure this house out. LOL.

    Frannie - Thanks. I am such a spontaneous creator. So we will have to wait until that Pet Center hits me. Once it does, it will just fall together.

    Loretta - Thanks. He doesn't know there is a problem. He has TV, music, his Playstation and his dog. What more does he need, he says. We do have 2 resident interior designers in town. He's not going to put out any money for that though. Maybe his sister, Danielle will help.

  9. You have everything! I saw one once at a thriftstore for $13 back in '08 and I regret to this day passing it up. I felt that it was too big and I had no space for it. Ugh! The deals that I have passed up.

    I love what you have done with it. Very nice. The rooms looks so big with how you have it designed.

  10. Wow Vanessa! This house is awsome...I almost bought this house too along time ago but turned it down.."kicks self" I agree it does need a womans touch! ;)

  11. Georgia Girl - I bought this house from one of my neighbors at a yard sale. I think I paid $6 dollars for it. A few weeks later the same neighbor had another sale and brought out the pink one. I thought about getting it, but can you imagine having two of these montrosities. I have two more houses in the basement that I hope to put to use in the new year.

    william - This house has always been a challenge for me. The A frame with the open skylights never made sense. It works in this application. I can't believe tall Darius even looks good in it. Ian will get flooring in the kitchen and the bedroom and lots of other goodies. You won't recognize the place when it is over.

  12. I have wanted that A-frame house since I was a college student back in the eighties! Glad to see you making use of yours and hoping that one day one will come to me at a price I can afford.

  13. limbe dolls - I would have imagined you had it already. It was just about a month ago that I was trying to figure out how to get rid of it again. Believe me, if I had known at the time, that you were interested, you would probably be enjoying it instead of Ian and the others. Guess it all worked out in their favor.

  14. The A frame house was the first one I saw as a child. It is a great house. I love Ian apt. It is very cute. Does Ian own it and rent out the office or do Chang own it and rent out the apt?

  15. Ms. Leo - Darius owns it! You know he is the ultimate business person. Too bad we don't really know what he does except make a lot of money.

  16. You did a great job! Love conferences room and the living room. And Goldie, of course!

  17. Wow, looks great! I've been so tempted to bid on one...

  18. Rosetti - Yhanks. Ian finally got up and walked poor Goldie. She's a happy pooch now.

    Vita Plastica - What? Another local that I could have pawned this house off on. Now you tell me after I have finished making it all comfy, cozy.

  19. Hello Vanessa: the house enchants to me. I do not understand you had as it left. This house is precious. It is a house model that in Spain was never sold. A classic one. The kitchen in blue is precious. I already saw the one of the Goldie dog in the hall. You had left fantastic. It enchants to me. I recognize some complements that I have like the radius casette. We have very similar tastes. Your armchair is precious with the garnet printing. Beams a very good work. Thanks to mention me in your blog. The table of work of Sunni in black color also enchants to me. In summary I like everything what you have. We follow in contact of blog blog.

  20. Hello again Vanessa: ' Morristown' it is a real City or it is fiction?

  21. Marta - Thanks. I like how it turned out. I'm so glad my first dog has made an appearance. More to come, I'm sure. Morristown is a name I made up from my last name of Morrison.


    Your furniture gets good reviews here:D

  23. Miss_Lola - Thanks so much for the link. I didn't know anything about that website.

  24. Hello again from Spain: the name of your removed city of your last name is fantastic. It seems the real name of a city as it sounds in Spain. Your families can be adopting dogs because always They give a warm sensation them to the scenes. We follow in contact. I am wishing to see a new update yours.

  25. Hello, I am a Spanish girl! You have a beautiful Blog. I like much. Also I collect wrists, and have a blog to show them:

  26. You've put the A-frame house to great use. I love your story lines and how one is usually related to another.


  27. Chabel de Feber - Thanks for your comments. I have never heard of wrists. The dolls on your site are quite interesting. Definitely my first time seeing them.

    DBG - Thanks. Seeing this house in my basement was actually what spurred on the Beach series. I was supposed to be using this house. We see that didn't happen. It's funny how one little blurb I put in a story will lead to a some new unplanned project. Ian was not supposed to be getting a house. Poor guy doesn't even have a moveable body yet.

  28. Replies
    1. I bought it from a garage sale many years ago. The doors weren't there. The doors would have taken up too much space, so it worked out for this application. I may make some doors for Ian's place later.

  29. I love what you have done with the place..... :)


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