Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walmart has lost their minds! They just increased the Basic Accessory Price

It was bad enough that Walmart was selling the Barbie Basic Accessory Packs for $19.99, when the retail price is $14.99.  I thought only specialty stores sold products for more than the retail price, not supposed big box discount stores. Well today when I went to Walmart, I walked down the doll aisle as usual, and those crooks have raised the price of the accessory packs to $21.97.  Huh???  Are you kidding me?  Aren't these the same packs that Target just had on sale for $12.99, marked down from $14.99?  They have the audacity to have this huge sign up saying, "We will match competitors prices."  How about you just not price gouge on some of your products.  I don't think Mattel is charging you any more than they are charging Target. 


  1. I agree with you here. Sometimes Wal-mart can be higher in cost on the smallest of things. Raising the prices to run the sales, I always say. Hugs! Loretta

  2. Loretta - The problem is that Walmart has never run sales on this line of doll products. Target who is selling them cheaper (same retail as the company making them) is the one who is also doing the sales regularly.

  3. Exactly! I wonder if there is fine print in the Walmart price matching? Do you know if you take something marked down at Target and ask Walmart to match the price, will they honor another stores sale or are they talking about retail prices only?

    That's a cryin' shame. From now on, I will check Target first, especially since they have clearance sales...unlike Walmart.

    Oh yeah, you may already know this but I saw the summer LIV dolls on sale at Target for $10 and they have the two different complexion of Alexis available. :) I'm hoping they will still be on sale thru next Friday.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. Tracy - Supposedly they will match sales prices. But I would bet if you took that $21.97 product to the counter talking about Target is selling it this week for $12.99, they would raise some eyebrows. The manager or cashier isn't going to understand that Walmart has overpriced this item.

    I did see that the Alexis has a darker brown skin tone. I like the summer ones, but I prefer to buy the ones that have more clothes and accessories for $10. Hope you get one. Target has been running crazy doll sales lately!

  5. You have to be very careful when shopping at Wal-Mart because some of their prices are higher than other stores. This includes food prices as well. I prefer Target over Wal-Mart. At least I know there isn't any price gouging on some products to cover the "lowered" price on others. The atmosphere at Target is so much better than Wal-Mart's.


  6. DBG - I have never known it to be this bad. They had never done that with the doll toys in this area. I think those prices are higher than TRUs and they used to be the highest. Walmart ought to be ashamed.

  7. I started noticing this late last year. I was going to buy one of the accessory packs and when I scanned it I thought it was wrong. I checked again and they were the same price of the dolls. I guess the price of the Basics dolls will go up too.

    I bought the darker skinned Alexis for $10 because the only other one is $22 - 23 Wonderland doll depending on the Target you go to. I think the sale is over I believe it was only to 4/23

    Anika :O)

  8. Dollz4Moi - LOL! I did the same thing early this year. I scanned it twice, then put it right back on the shelf. It will be interesting to see if they increase the doll prices. Only one of the 3 Walmarts in my immediate area even has the Basics. They all carried the Basic 1.0, way back when. Ever since Walmart did their remodel, the toy sections have been a mess. I think that remodel may have messed them up. Their prices were so much better before the remodel. Now there is no such thing as a "Rollback", because I think they have to pay for the remodel. Just my opinion.


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