Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Burger King Sofa

Why am I calling it my Burger King Sofa?  Because you can have it your way.  Well almost your way.  Let's just say there are lots of options.  I often switch out pillows on a particular sofa so that I can use it for a different setting.  This sofa offers those same options.  The base sofa comes with 2 throw pillows the same color as the sofa (White/Cream Linen) and your choice of 3 different pillows from 6 different fabrics. 

Currently available in my Etsy shop for $55USD + shipping
Here is the basic sofa with 2 throw pillows.

Then you can choose from the standard selection, or any combination thereof.  You can choose 3 different fabrics, 3 of the same fabric, 2 of one fabric and 1 different fabric. The possibilities are endless.  I am also offering an additional set of 3 pillows for $12.  This one sofa could be used in many different settings for many different families, just by changing the pillow combination.

You can even change the style of sofa by removing the 2 back cushions and placing the 5 throw pillows along the back.


  1. I like your BK sofa, Vanessa! It would be fun to choose the other colors in the room by the accent pillows. Great idea! Good price, too, for upholstered furniture.

    Sigh. Someday. My folks are gonna have lovely sofas from Vansdolltreasures. They've got their wee fingers crossed ;-D

  2. D7ana - Thanks. The idea of multiple pillows came to me when I couldn't decide what color I wanted to put with it. It was a big hit, so I think I will do something similar regularly (or as time permits) and add different pillow options by season. Tell your little women not to worry, I will be creating furniture for awhile.


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