Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Last and Final Beach Video!

I couldn't wait any longer!  I had to find out what Danielle told Roderick.  This is the absolute last Beach video in this series.  I now have to back track and finish the Daddy/Daughter dance.  I promised some of my young YouTube fans, that I would finish that video soon.  I may be relatively quiet over the next week.  I have to get busy making more furniture.  But for now, enjoy this latest video.

Double click on the image to see it in full screen.


  1. I LOVE IT! Rod and Danielle make the sweetest couple! And he's so smooth with his responses. Those Power Team/World Peackeeper guys make the best men. They have such interesting faces that are all so unique.

    This was an awesome series! I can't wait to see more of the families and/or single groups you've got going on.

    Congrats Vanessa!

    p.s. Glad to see Rod got his hands back just when he needed them most. LOL.

  2. Tracy - It's so funny. Sometimes you see those guys in the package and it's like, "he's alright". But once you start playing with them and taking their pictures, they start looking really good. Did you see Roderick standing along the fence? I swear he had a little smile on his face. I like that the WorldPeaceKeepers are so flexible. Most of the Mattel men would never be able to make moves like he did.

    I already have the next story written in my head, so I am anxious to get to it.

  3. I know, he looked so smitten! I agree about their look. I never knew how attractive my Hunter Lomax guy was until I saw him in another blog.

    I'm sold on these action figures. They're reasonably priced and I find a lot of them in great used condition. :)

    I can't wait until the next video either!

  4. So, you know I loved the video. The kiss looked soo real! Some how they both look a little less loney in the eyes that they did before this vacation. I really liked the yellow shirt that Ian had on too. I don't think I have see that before. Where is it from. Does using your sofas in your videos bring you more sales. I would think it would. your videos are an excellent showcase for all you make and your dolls. Once again, great job!

  5. Ms. Leo - I think Roderick has a little smile now. I think a good kiss can do that do a person. Ian's shirt is a little more orangish than it is showing in the video. I think this one came with Mattel outfit a few years ago. The shorts, or more like a swimsut is orange and blue striped. there's another color, to, but I can't remember right now. I think the videos do help with video sales. I also think once I improved my designs a little, that made a difference. It used to take me months to sell a piece. Now most pieces sell within a coupld of days. Thanks for watching and commenting. I can't wait to move on to the next chapter.

  6. Good Evening Vanessa,

    I'm so glad I logged on before I went to bed. What a lovely bed time story!

    Roderick and Danielle are really becoming fully developed characters which makes their story line very engaging. And sweet. I am a big fan of sweet romance. The place to use a long cross dissolve would be between that first kiss and the title card that follows. Would love to have seen more of that kiss. :-)

    Keep it up!

  7. limbe dolls - LOL! The kiss was nice. I intentially didn't linger on the kiss. I am doing such a balancing act because I have so many young kids watching the videos on YouTube. I don't want to encourage them in that direction. So my adult readers will have to use those creative minds to imagine some of that juicy stuff. I have to keep my videos PG. I am trying to show the young people more about romance and how to treat each other as couples.
    There is a chance that I may get some major
    exposure in the future, and I don't want parent backlash for any overly "hot" scenes. LOL!

  8. Wow! Ilove, love, love it! Sooo cute and romantic! Keep them coming!

  9. D'Mari - Thanks! I really like your blog. I just became a follower. Did you get a chance to see all of the beach videos?


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