Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding. I found myself crying! What's that all about?

Did I get up at 4am to watch the wedding? NO.  But I am usually up at that hour, surfing the web, so I decided to watch it.  And boy am I glad I did.  It was amazing!  I never expected that I would have any feelings towards this wedding, good or bad.  I have always loved weddings, and this was some wedding! The last time I saw such a sight was on "Coming to America" with Eddie Murphy.  This wedding had that same feeling to me.

Lots of little girls dream of being princesses and finding their prince, etc.  I was never one of those little girls. I never played dress up or even looked at princess movies.  So I have no earthly idea how I got caught up in this fairytale.  When she came out and got into the horse drawn open carriage, and all those black and white horses were in front and in back of the carriage, I cried for the third time.  And the stage coaches were just beautiful.  I initially got excited (and cried) once Prince William and Prince Harry were traveling in the Bentley to Westminister Abbey.  There is something about a man in a uniform!  The second time I cried was when the 'all boys' choir was singing.  They were so good, it just brought tears to my eyes.

You never really expect to see fairytales come true.  That only happens in the movies or when we are playing dolls.  So to see a fairytale wedding just brings back the idea that anything is possible.  And isn't that what it's all about?  Feeling hopeful that your dreams can come true, no matter what they are.  This is what I took from this wedding. 


  1. I used to read fairy tales and mythology books, but I never "got" the fairytale wedding. For me, once the princess or fairy got married, she lost her powers or faded into the sunset. I did not see the wedding today - shrug - but it sounds spectacular (ouch! pun intended, lol.)

    Wonder if that particular spectacle will stimulate collectors ... not hinting to anyone. Whistles. No, not hinting at all ;-D

  2. D7ana - As soon as I saw Kate in that dress, I could already see the doll that I feel will be coming soon. I wouldn't mind seeing a doll of Prince William in his uniform. Danielle was watching with me. She got all teary and starry eyed. I wonder what was going through her mind?

  3. I got up at 10 to 5 to watch it, it was so beautiful...LOVED her dress and veil, she looked so beautiful! And the kiss was really sweet!

  4. Hailey - Wasn't it quite the fairytale? Every wedding should be that beautiful!

  5. Oh yes, it was such a fairytale!


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