Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Beach Video! It's the Final Celebration

Well the beach series is winding down.  It is the final full day at the beach house.  Tomorrow they leave for home.  The final celebration was a little long so there is part I and part II.  I won't make you wait for part II.  It will be completed either today or tomorrow.

Double click image for best viewing in full screen mode.


  1. You really are talented. It took some work to get the volleyball set up. Now I can't wait for part 2.

  2. Dollz4Moi - Making these last 2 videos took all my energy. I was so exhausted after shooting last night. I rarely work with all the dolls in one video. Now I remember why. Just getting everyone dressed, and some of them had to be dressed twice, was a challenge.

  3. Wow! Just...WOW! I LOVED IT! I can't remember which site of yours I found first, Etsy or this one...but I'm sure glad I did. It's so much fun to watch your videos, really.

    It would be well deserved if a channel like HGTV could pick up a segment featuring new videos of yours at least twice a month. :)

    Can't wait to see part II...Happy Easter!! :)

  4. Tracy - Happy Easter! I'm glad you found me too. Feels like we've been best buds for years. I'm almost finished with part II. I just have to pick the music. I will definitely have it posted within the next 3 hours.

  5. Great video. I enjoy them, and considering all the work that goes into them, I'm very impressed at your details! :) Thank you. Ps. My blog has your question up now.

  6. MJ - Thanks for looking. They are a labor of love. Ooh can't wait to see what response you get to the question. I'm headed to your blog now to take a look.


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