Sunday, April 10, 2011

I was just diagnosed with OCDD! Look at all this Doll Stuff I Bought!

What is OCDD? Obsessive Compulsive Doll Disorder. I finally emptied my car of all the doll stuff I bought.  I don't know why I kept so much in the car. It's not like I have a husband at home checking my bags as I enter.  The good thing about almost all of my purchases is that they were on sale.  You guys know I have a hard time resisting a good doll sale.  I also discovered that with great doll bloggers, like you, I may never need to read another sales flyer. LOL!  You guys are so good at letting us know about those sales.

Tracy India is responsible for me having these 2 LIV Dolls. She notified me of the $10 LIV sale and the $0.97 shipping, at Thanks Tracy. You can visit her blog here.

The LIV sets always have something that I don't notice initially. With this set it's the harmonica.

There are a lot of clothes in this set. I love the Pink sweater jacket. I use the LIV leggings for my Only Heart dolls. They are a perfect fit.

This set has been in my trunk for about 3 months. I plan to paint it silver or red.

Last week I found these Dora sets. The big sets were $4.99.  This set has the perfect size art easel and other really nice accessories.

The small sets were $1.99. This one is all about the dog.  The carrier is really nice. It may be a little big for Barbie, but I can see it in a future video where the family is flying somewhere and they are taking the family dog.

Another $2 set.  The cute thing about this one is that the Ipod fits into the CD player.  Just like in real life! It allows them to download their music.  Adorable! There's a Cd with a case and a DJ mixing studio.

My 3rd $2 set has a makeup box with a nice curling iron and a blow dryer. Maybe one of my single ladies will be a makeup artist. Oh the possibilities!

This is another $5 set. It is a school room with a desk, a chair, a nice locker, a chalkboard and a ton of other accessories.  I bought 2 of these sets. I know a school room will be needed in a future story.

This is the cute little trash can in the set. I desperately need this. The trash cans I use are usually too big.

D7ana is responsible for these dolls, indirectly. You can see her blog here. She had scored big on a Calista from Big Lots. Of course my OCDD sent me running to the store (okay 4 Big Lots).  I didn't find Calista, but I did find these old, articulated, S.I.S. dolls. They were regular price, but with the current state of S.I.S. dolls, I figured I better buy them.  They had the Grace, the Kara, and the Darren from this line.  I had to leave them due to budget constraints. LOL!

Whose responsible for this purchase? DBG at Black Doll Collecting! Visit her blog here. I read a comment on her blog about the Basic Accessory Packs being on sale at Target for $12.99. I noticed that she had left the comment 30 minutes prior.  Within 10 minutes of reading it, I was in the car headed to Target.  I know it is sad, sad, sad.  The first Target didn't have any.  I went to another Target and found this set, that I had wanted for the past 3 weeks. So that meant I now had all 3 of the female sets. I didn't really care for the male set, but at $12.99, I had to have it! I decided to head home as my gas tank was almost on E(mpty).  But I wondered how close the next Target was.  Have GPS, will travel! I found the 3rd Target. They had all three of the female sets, but no male set. Okay, I said. Enough!! Go home.  But there was still enough gas in the tank to try one more Target. I went, but they didn't have any sets.  I headed for home. I did stop by one Walmart, near my house, to see if they had it. I don't know why, because even if they did have it, I wouldn't have bought it. Have you guys noticed that Walmart is selling those sets for $19.99?  Some of the Targets have started doing that, too.  I think that is why I was on such a hunt to get them all for $14.99 or under.

 As most of you know, I do sew. But I have acknowledged that even though I can do it all, I shouldn't! I am always on the look out for cute, inexpensive clothes. I found a couple of sites on Etsy that I really like. 
These 3 outfits are from an etsy shop named whitesquirrel.  The green top is actually a Kelly green. Couldn't get the color right.  They are the cutest things. 

These are 3 more outfits from whitesquirrel.  The gold shimmer dress actually has a shawl that isn't showing well in the photo.  I got all 6 of these outfits for about $21.  If you check out her site, make sure you read through the listings. She offers specials and discount codes, that you may miss if you aren't careful.

This is a view from the back.  If you are looking for high quality, perfectly sewn outfits, these are not it.  If you are looking for really cute outfits, that are very inexpensive, that are sewn fairly well, I highly recommend them.

The second etsy seller that I found was yukostevens.  This dress was a little more expensive, but not much. She has some really cute dresses that sell for $5.  This one was $7. My $5 dress had an issue, that the seller promptly addressed. When I get the new dress, I will probably share it with you.

So as you can see, it has been like Christmas over here.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my doll purchases, that I more affectionately refer to as "groceries".  LOL!


  1. I am so feeling you on this. I'm sticking to my guns and leaving the savings alone but it will be a cheap food week around here. I love your finds and I will not run to Target..LOL

  2. Dollz4Moi - You know what they say, "Misery loves company." Go buy something. LOL. How was the doll show?

  3. Awesome..getting ready to upload pics of my buys :O)

  4. LOLOLOL!!! Those are the best kind of groceries. There's no expiration date or worry about molding. You get to keep them as long as you'd like. :)

    You know what they say, misery loves company, LOL. I had to take someone down with my OCDD. Love your purchases, especially the LIV dolls. I didn't end up getting the two for $20, I only purchased Alexis but I'm hoping Daniella & Katie will still be on sale next month.

    I am so going to look for that Dora DJ package. That would be great for The Word Shop...I'm planning an event there.

    Thanks for sharing your purchases and the links to the great Etsy clothing shops, I saved them to my favorites. I really like those prices too. Let me know if you see deals like that on Ken clothing. :)

  5. I am starting to worry Vanessa. But, I feel you girl!

  6. Guilty as charged... but who can pass up a good doll or doll accessory sale? I usually can't, and I love spreading the word about them.

    I still regret leaving the "camel" Barbie Basics set behind yesterday.

    BTW, the first step on the road to recovery is admitting your addiction (or OCDD, as you call it).

    Repeat after me: "Hi, my name is Vanessa, and I'm a doll-a-holic."


  7. Tracy - Sure...send me to buy 2 LIV dolls and you only get 1. What kind of *(!##&^% is that. LOL!

  8. Loretta - Don't worry! I get my nourishment by looking at the meals you prepare!

  9. LOl I can totally relate, I have so many things in the back of my jeep :)

  10. DBG - That feeling of regret is worse than the feeling of overspending. That feeling of regret lasts for years, especially when you start seeing the item for 2 - 5 times the price on ebay and Amazon. I am still kicking myself for not getting the AA Happy Family Grandparents. That set was out in 2003/4. That's a long time. So now when I look at items in the store, I ask myself, "How will I feel about this item 5 yrs from now? What will it costs me in 5 yrs if I don't get it now?" The feeling of overspending only lasts until the next paycheck or the next spending spree. Sometimes, not even that long. Hello, my name is Vanessa, and I am addicted to dolls, but I need all of this stuff for my videos and stories. No, really, I do!

    1. Renee Cherep - Thanks for commenting on my blog. Every time I do a video with 20+ dolls, I am elated that I have enough clothes for them to wear. And all the kids I have! When there are a lot in a video, sharing clothes just doesn't work. So still I regret nothing.

  11. Anonymous - Welcome to the OCDD club! Now your first step on the road to recovery is to clear your jeep of all doll related stuff. Step 2 - Resist the urge to fill it back up again. Good luck!!!

  12. LMAO!! I thought about that right before I selected the check out button. I will make it up and buy two LIVS next month. You are hilarious! LOL!

    Oh, LOVE the washer & dryer set too!

  13. Tracy - After I sent that last message, I remembered that I was the one who turned you on to the LIV bodies! So you were just getting me back!

  14. I am not going to let you guys tempt me and I am sticking to my budget. No matter how many great pictures you post of great looking rebodied dolls. So, stop posting great pictures. I'm lucky because I already have many of the playset. Yeah, so stop posting great pictures! :)

  15. Ms.Leo - Now you see what I mean when I say I had some spending issues lately! Hey come join us on our train wreck. Budget? What's that?

  16. The 3rd Barbie set is sooo awesome! Love it!

  17. Lucie - I think you are talking about the one with the washer/dryer. I picked that up from ToysRUs. I can't wait to get to use it one day. Someone will need to do laundry, hopefully soon.

  18. I am so guilty of purchasing too many dolls. I have to will myself to stay away from ToysRUs and Walmart. My space for dolls is a complete mess. Yes add me to the club, *sighs* but there are just so many nice dolls out there waiting for me.....

  19. Chynadoll - As Michael Jackson would say, "You are not alone...". We all have that bug. I have done well over the past couple of months. This was the first month that I bought a few things. My new rule is that is has to already be on the list. This cuts down on the spur of the moment purchases. Those were killing me!


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