Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ethan meets his son for the first time

Stephanie is waiting anxiously with the kids for the arrival of her husband, Ethan.  He is finally returning home from Iraq, for good. It's been almost a year since they have seen him.  This will be his first time meeting his son, Aiden.

They are seated in a small private waiting area.

An hour has passed, and baby Jessica is getting a little restless. 

All of a sudden, the door opens, and there he is!

Stephanie is soooo happy to see her husband!

Kathleen is excited to see her dad, but she waits for mom to finish her hello.

"Oh honey, we missed you so much!"

Kathleen finally gets her turn. Jessica is a little taken aback, at first. She doesn't really recognize this man.

But somehow she softens up, and allows her daddy to give her a big ol' hug.

When Ethan sees his son for the first time, he is nearly brought to tears. "He's so beautiful!"

Ethan loves his country, but he is happy to be home with his family.


  1. Hi Vanessa, I'm a new visitor, and I really like what I see. Your staging and stories are so moving. I love the couch from your earlier post. You are sooo creative! Thanks for sharing. Luv-Loretta

  2. Loretta - Thanks so much for visiting! I am always happy to have people to talk to. I enjoy reading your blog, as well.

  3. Wow, Vanessa. I am almost in tears. This is so sweet!

  4. Vickey - Thanks. I had to show some love to our troops and their families. Just a small reminder of how much they sacrifice.

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL family! It's nice to see a story remembering those families who sacrifice so much for all of us. Not just the men and women over there but the families who wait patiently behind waiting to see there loved ones again.

    I'm so glad he's home for good. Now, he can spend his lifetime with his family.

    Love the name Ethan by the way, that's my brother's name. :)

  6. Oh Vanessa, you got me crying and all emotional I so need a minute!

  7. EbonyNicole - I understand. Take all the time you need! We're here for you, my sista.

  8. Tracy - This is one of my new favorite families. I loved them before Ethan came home, but now I am ecstatic about the possibilities of this family. I don't know a lot about how the military operates, but I may use this family to further my research on the topic.

    Older or younger brother? Married or single? Just kidding. I am perfectly happy with all the men I have over here. Never mind that they are only 12". 12" tall, that is. LOL!

  9. LOL! Well, he's not married. He's eight years older than me and I think you and I are the same age. ;)

    I'm at the VERY content stage myself. The 1/6 scale men don't talk back and won't argue over the remote either. LOL

  10. This was soo touching! I was in a room like this. You captured it very well! I have ths action figure too! Tell him that General Johnson (Eteinne) is expecting him to report for his stateside assignment in two weeks!

  11. Ms. Leo - LOL! Will do. With 3 kids in the house he will be ready to report back to duty real soon.


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