Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Of Course I bought New Dolls!

I have been so busy posting other things, I haven't had time to post some of the new purchases I made over the past couple of months.  I am sharing most of my purchases, but there are still some things in the trunk of my car, and a few due to arrive in the mail any day now.  I will share the other stuff later.

First, I got the pair of old Harley Davidson dolls.  The pair was $50. What a deal!
I have wanted this guy for years.

This doll doesn't do much for me, but she has an articulated body, a great outfit, and reddish hair. Maybe I will repaint her. Ha Ha. As if I have nothing else to do.

Here's one of my Holy Grails, Perk Colette. I first took note of her from Tracy's blog.  I just bought her nude from the DollPages. She is trying to lay claim on another DollPages purchase I made, the Black/Red Jason Wu luggage piece. Hopefully one day I will be able to get more pieces from this set and the other luggage set.

I also got my second Barbie Basic Denim accessory pack. I figured I better get them all before they are all gone. I wasn't planning to get any of them, except the gold one, but I don't want to need something months from now and kick myself for not getting them.

Finally my Obama doll. He is just so well sculpted. I got him from Legends Toys and Hobbies. He comes nude, so I just threw something on him. The plan is to get him a few nice suits.

I have had these 2 ladies for years. I thought I might transform one of them into a Michelle Obama doll. Then I would make her an awesome wardrobe to include similar pieces that Mrs. Obama has worn over the years.

So that is it for now.  More to come later.


  1. Thanks for allowing me to vicariously enjoy your recent finds, Vanessa. (Any way to shop now - even through another's account - ah! lol)

    I have to add some stuff to my The Doll Pages For Sale folder ....

  2. D7ana - I wish I could just look at other peoples' purchases and not feel like I had to scour the town or the internet to find the deal they found. Case in point, your Calista doll.

    Stop trying to tempt me with your Doll Pages!

  3. Love, love, LOVE that Harley Ken! Congrats! Ahhh...Colette, she is such a stunner! Watch out Halle and Nikki, now Colette is on the scene!

    Michelle, you are one lucky lady! Obama is...dare I say? Aw heck, I'm sayin' it...FIONE! The likeness is awesome. Thanks for the link too, I'm gonna poke around for other guys I might like. I'm still coveting that Terrence Howard looking action figure but he's kind of pricey so, I don't know when I'll get him.

    Anyway, great purchases...can't wait to see more.

  4. Tracy - I meant to add into the post that I was going to keep Colette away from Darius, but I forgot. He has enough problems. Yes, President Obama is quite the looker. I was looking for that Terrence Howard guy too, because we both know that he is... no I am not going to say it.

  5. Love Obama and now he's added to my list of must have men. I too am on the hunt for Terence..must have him. I have to start adding things to my show & sell so I can swing some new goodies..

    My name is Anika and I am a dollholic..LOL

  6. Dollz4Moi - I highly recommend the Obama doll. You may want to consider getting him soon. They keep going up on his price. I need to start selling on Dollpages, so I can afford my addiction.

    All together now, "Hello Anika".

    The majority of us need to be in that meeting with you.

  7. Perk Colette was one of the best dolls that came out last year. At first I did not want her but, just like you I was looking at other people pictures of her and just had to have her! Mind you I have 3 Colette and love them!

  8. EbonyNicole - Perk Colette is smokin'. She's so dainty. I can't wait to start building her a wardrobe. I just saw a picture of her yesterday with her hair down. Now I want another Perk, just so I can have her hair out. It's just so ridiculous!


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