Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's life without a new sofa!

I finally got the new sofa posted today. I am loving the colors. I call it "Fall Wonder" because it reminds me of leaves changing colors.  You know my dolls wanted to keep this one too.  I reminded them that if we kept it, they would have to delay their beach trip.  That did it.  I didn't even have to pack it away.  They did it for me.

So here it is. It is currently in my Etsy shop for $47USD, which you can always access from the menu above. 



  1. Ohhhhh ... I like the sofa and its colors. Great job, Vanessa, as always!

    The pizzas on your Flickr account look yummy too.

  2. D7ana - Thanks! You know I'm anxious to get to the next video and that requires putting new items in the store. I think I will do one more piece before I start shooting.

  3. Please make a video or tell me how you made this! Please!

  4. I'm eleven and I'm new at crafting, so if you would tell me how you made this, this would be a great crafting opportunity for me.


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