Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meet Darius "Mr. Oh So Fine" Reid

The ladies have been noticing a new face around town.  Phones have been ringing off the hook, as the ladies have been trying to find out who this Brother is.

Well so far they have a name, Darius Reid.  They don't know much more about him.  He is new in town.  They don't know if he's staying or visiting someone.  They are desperately trying to find out. 

Meet Darius

Even I don't know much about him, yet.

As you can imagine, Danielle got really excited when she noticed him about town.

Aww, they would make a nice couple, but...

 rumor has it, he is seriously dating a model named Nikki.

So let's take a closer look.

Apparently, he works out. Umm, Umm, Umm.

 Perhaps he is rich.  This bag definitely cost a pretty penny.

 With his extra set of hands, I would imagine that he may
be a little touchy feely.

He definitely has money!  These blue, two-toned leather
shoes, are definitely custom made.

Well, I'm just as anxious as the ladies to find out more about this fine specimen. Gotta go!  My phone is ringing.  It may be one of the ladies with more news.  Don't worry.  I will definitely fill you in.

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  1. Hahaha...I love it! His duds are nice. I love the FR guys' height, he makes Danielle look petite. I'm so jelly, you have Top Model Nikki! She's HIGH on my want list. :) I'm also coveting the bald Darius but he's HTF and pricey.

    Congrats on your new addition, I can't wait to see who gets this gorgeous hunk. ;)

  2. @Tracy I do have a NRFB Top Model Nikki, that I am selling for $35 shipped. Let me know if you are interested. I didn't realize how beautiful she is. Pulling her hair down, helped me focus on her face and not all of that hair. It would be nice to have a bald Darius too, so I could have brothers. But I don't believe that will happen.

  3. Darius is very handsome! I understand why the phone has been ringing off the hook.


  4. Oh wow, let me see if I'm going to win a bid on my number one doll pick & if I don't I will (if she's still available) purchase Ms. Nikki from you. :) I will know by Friday evening.

    Thanks Vanessa.


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