Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Harley Davidson Duo has arrived!

The Harley Davidson duo arrived, along with Darius Reed. We'll discuss Darius another day. Let's talk about the duo.  I love the male doll! He has wonderful tattoos. I'm not a tattoo person, but they seem to go well with the biker image. He's fully articulated, and his outfit is really nice.  To me he is very similar to the new blonde male Denim Basics. So I've crossed him off my list of Basics to buy.  The female doll's outfit is really nice. Very high quality.  One disappointment with her is that her legs are jointed, but her arms are not.  Huh? What were they thinking? So this means she needs a new body. What a waste.

Meet our single dad, Xavier. He's pictured with his daughter Hailey. Hailey's mom died while giving birth. So Xavier had to grow up real fast.  Luckily he had support from his parents, who practically raised Hailey the first year of her life. Xavier has taken over since then. Initially he loved all the attention he got from the women, who wanted to help the single dad. He has since grown into his role as a father, and he takes real good care of Hailey. 

Xavier has always had women knocking down his door. Thank goodness he curtailed that activity quite a bit once he moved Hailey in with him. So now he stills gets a lot of attention from the ladies, but Hailey always comes first.

Meet Jill and her son Cord. She belongs to the same biker club as Xavier. They have dated several times and she has taken quite a liking to him.  She knows that he is dating others, but she is trying to be "the one". She feels she may have the upper hand, since she too is a single parent.

Meet Natalia. She too belongs to the local biker club. She knows that Xavier is digging her, but she is not sure about dating a guy with a kid. She is used to being #1 with the guys she dates and she is not too keen on competiting with a 2 year old.  But he is so darn cute, she continues to rethink her decision.

Last but not least, is Marisa. She is not a biker, but she and Xavier go way back. They are really close friends. There has always been an attraction. They attempted a relationship once, but decided the friendship was too important to mess it up. She is very fond of Hailey, but she is careful not to confuse the situation by getting too close to her. Bottom line is her special friendship with Xavier can sometimes cause friction with the other women in his life, and the men in hers.

Hmmmm.  I wonder how this will all turn out.


  1. I also like the Harley Davidson Ken, but don't like Barbie at all, partly because of her body. Well, there are dolls with jointed legs, but regular arms, I saw Barbies with such body and have two different Ken dolls: one has permanently bended arms, the other's arms are permanently straight, and both have jointed legs. But the HD Barbie has very strange arms, they are posed differently... I just don't understand, how to play with such doll. When I saw her nude photo for the first time, I was completely puzzled.

  2. @Dukasha I have a couple of Barbies that have jointed legs and regular arms. I just don't understand putting that type of doll in the same package with a fully jointed doll. I am sure they have done it before, but this is my first time buying the set. All three of those dolls with get new bodies.

  3. Yes, I also think it's not the first time they do it. Collection Ken dolls are mostly jointed, collection Barbie dolls are mostly not. I could never understand why. Well, now Mattel decided to do something with that and produced that new male body, that looks beautiful, but doesn't move at all. Not sure how the doll collectors call it, it's something like a male version of MM body I think. Not a good decision for those who like to play, not just to look at dolls.
    But in any case the HD Barbie's body is very strange for me. I can understand a partly jointed body with articulated arms and regular legs, for jointed arms are usually more useful. I can understand the MM body which is supposed just to stand on a shelf and not move at all. But those bodies with jointed legs but not arms always seemed a little strange for me, and the body with differently posed arms is the strangest. Mattel seems to think that it's the best body to pose with a bike? I'm not sure at all...
    Btw I have Harley Davidson Barbie #5 and she has articulated both arms and legs, so Mattel had another opinion about the "bike" body several years ago. Not sure about the other HD Barbies, all that #1, # 2 etc. I don't have them, but they also look jointed on eBay photos.

  4. I agree with you Vanessa. It's a downer when you open up the package & see Ken's fully poseable body and you say "yay" then you get to Barbie & you're like...what the h-e-double-hockey sticks is this?

    I really like your story line for him. He looks like just the type of guy who's rugged on the outside but a sweetheart on the inside. You've got a great story with possible tension between the ladies and his good friend Marisa. Can't wait to read more. Definitely can't wait to see pics of Darius. :)

  5. @ Dukasha I guess Mattel figures with jointed legs she can actually ride the bike. Since they probably figure that Ken would be driving, she would only need straight arms to hold on to him. LOL! By the way, I got Harley Davidson #5 at the Nov Doll show for $35, or something close to that. I just did a blog post with her a couple weeks ago. I LOVE that doll!

  6. EbonyNicole - I am about to start a photostory (no videos) with this story next week. Should be a good one.


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