Monday, February 7, 2011

Taking a closer look at some of my doll purchases!

Well a couple of days ago I opened up some of my Saturday purchases (see previous post for pics of everything).  I was anxious to see them up close.  I already did a separate post on my LIV doll.  This was just a few more items I thought were worth mentioning.

This is my Only Heart doll in the BRATZ PJs I bought Sat. Perfect fit. It is good to know that I have dolls that can wear those BRATZ outfits.  The less sewing I have to do, the better.

This is my Janet doll pictured in the BRATZ bathing suit. There is the cutest white one piece short set that came with this. It fit Janet too, but I think it will look even better on someone else.

This bunny rabbit came in one of the LIV sets. It will work nicely with that LIV Pet store set I got from Walmart. Then I can maybe use it in a school.  They always have little animals for the kids to take care of.

This magnifying glass from the LIV set will come in handy as a prop.

I love the measuring cup and the Barbie cookie cutter. This came in the baking set with the Mixer. I will probably use the cutter to make cookies out of polymer clay.

I think Chelsea is the Caucasian equivalent to the S.I.S. dolls.  After seeing this, I wonder if there will also be a Kelly sized doll in the future.


  1. I like Hayden's rabbit, too. Want to get one of those Hayden's for that rabbit and her outfit.

    Oh and of course, the poseable body ;-D

    Thanks for sharing your new finds!

  2. S.I.S dolls do look similar to Chelsea dolls. I'll have to look into it


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