Friday, February 18, 2011

I almost made Baskets!!

I say almost because they are far from perfect.  I have been brainstorming and trying to make baskets for quite some time now.  I looked for the material that real baskets are made out of.  No luck finding it.  I tried material from the fabric store. Couldn't get the baskets to hold their shape.  Just recently I decided to try polymer clay.  My first experiment was a pleasant surprise.  Like I said they are far from perfect, but I know I can make them better with practice.  In the meantime, I will be able to use my imperfect baskets as props in my dios.

These were my first two baskets.

My first attempt at grapes.

I have big basket plans for my shop.  I've been dreaming of white baby baskets with all the necessesites; Easter baskets with chocolate bunnies and eggs; gift baskets with all kinds of goodies.  The list goes on and on.  Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Vanessa,

    The baskets are great! Are you planning an Easter egg hunt for your dolls?

  2. Ok, you're GOOD! The baskets are DARLING. It's funny but when I buy baskets for decor at like World Market or Pier 1...I look for the ones that have slight imperfections because I like the charm and kind of warn looking like they actually were used by a tribe of people or something. I know, that's a lil' Kooky. LOL

    Your grapes look good to me too. Will you be adding these to Etsy?

  3. @ Paulette I don't know about an Easter egg hunt. If I can mimic tall grass by then, it is definitely a possibility. There will definitely be Easter baskets, though. I need to get started on those now.

  4. @ Tracy That's not kooky. I kind of understand. I kind of like that my baskets are a little smushed looking. I will be adding lots of new items to Etsy in the near future. Baskets and grapes are on the list.

  5. I love the idea of baby baskets with all the little things in them. These baskets are a great start. I'm looking froward to seeing your progress!!

  6. Hi Vanessa,

    How tall does your tall grass need to be? I have seen squares of plastic grass at Michael's that are about 5" X 5". This grass would come about to an adult doll's knees. Might also be possible to make "grass" the height you need by latch hooking the appropriate fiber to rug backing.
    You could also grow some wheat grass and then trim it down to the right level.

  7. @ Paulette I think the grass would just need to come to Kelly's ankles. Latch hooking! LOL! At the moment I spend way too much time doing a video. Latch hooking would add a few more days, if not weeks, to the process. Wheat grass would make awesome grass. But I would feel guilty using it in a scene, considering I am supposed to be drinking it. Just can't stomach the taste on a regular basis. Great idea, though. I may check out Michaels. As it gets closer to Easter there will probably be a few options available at the craft stores.

  8. I think they look excellent. Really impressive.


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