Friday, February 25, 2011

Friends and Family are Getting Ready for a Beach Trip!

It's winter break, and everyone is tired of the snow! It has been the worst winter in over 10 yrs. The Taylors are getting ready to go on their yearly trip to the beach. This year they decide to invite friends and family to join them, thinking they could all use a break. 

So who exactly is going on this trip?  Turns out there will be 5 different families attending.  I thought I better explain the family tree before this trip happens, so everyone will be clear on the familiy dynamics.

Of course, you know the Taylors.

Well, Anthony has an older brother Roderick, who is recently divorced.

 Antoinette has 2 sisters and a younger brother, Darren.

And you know that Darren Trott is married to China and they have a little girl, Taylor.

Well, China has a sister, Sylvia...

and you've already met her family, the Redmonds.

Remember the Andersons....

Well, David has a younger sister, Olivia.

Danielle decides this would be a great trip for her brother, Ian and her two boys.

So Ian and Olivia will both be on the trip. This will be the first time they are meeting each other.

So let's recap.  The Taylors, the Trotts, the Redmonds, the Andersons, Danielle, Ian and the boys, will all be  going to the beach on vacation.  Anthony has convinced Roderick to come. He was so depressed after his divorce and Anthony thought this would be a good getaway.  David and Leslie are bringing Olivia along to help with all the kids that will be on the trip.  This will allow the adults to have some free time.   This should be a good time.  They are renting out this fabulous beach house that is situated right on the beach. It also has a personal pool and I believe there's a sauna (not sure about that one).  I personally can't wait!!! 


  1. OK! This is going to be a long photo shoot! I can wait! Maybe a seafood bake on the beach!Woo hoo!

  2. I second that, I'm super excited to see this video!!! :) Awesome collection of friends & family.

  3. @ Tracy and Ms. Leo This one will probably 2-3 videos. Hmmm, a seafood bake. I like the way you think, Ms. Leo. I guess I better get out the clay and start cooking.

  4. I can't wait to see the videos. The family dynamics are astounding :O)

  5. Hi Vanessa,

    I was just in Saint Simon's Island last weekend. It was amazing to walk barefoot in the sand after the long cold winter so I know your dolls will have a great time at the beach.

    Looking forward to the videos!

  6. Hello Paulette. I am totally jealous! I am going to have to dip my toes in the sand at my dolls' beach house!


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