Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Video: The Kids Visit Dolly World

If you recall, my husband, Keith, promised to take our son, Tyler to the arcade.  Unfortunately, he has been procrastinating, and Tyler has been getting discouraged.  I decided to call Leslie and gather all the kids and make a day of it.

Noteworthy Info:
1. Most play items came from Barbie sets.
2. Doll Booth was a thrift store find. It may have been an Only Hearts set. Not sure.
3. Ice cream station is from Hannah Montana.
4. Foosball table was a thrift store find.  I added the legs.
5. Gumball machine came from Toys R Us at Christmas time. It's full of candy.
6. Pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and basket were handmade by me.
7. Vanessa is wearing jeans from a Basic Denim doll.  Don't ask me why she has pink shoes on with that top.
8. The waitress is wearing an outfit from the new S.I.S. Kara Pastry doll.
9. The little doll at the counter is the new Chelsea doll.


  1. (sorry for the deleted comments. My internet is acting up)

    This was SO cool! I've been wondering how to do scenes where I have like, ten dolls all in the same setting. You know, angles, posing, etc. You have a serious knack for shooting a doll or two while the dolls in the background look as if they're actually moving. Do you change the posing in each frame for the dolls in the background as well?

    I don't even have to talk about your attention to details, still awesome! I love the music you use too. It's like a gentle mix of smooth & acid jazz with a little bit of a house beat to some of that!

    I had NO idea about some of the Barbie items out there and I've really gotta start giving some of my local Thrift Stores some attention...because obviously there are some great finds out there. Also, your play line girls are really gorgeous and can fit in with any of these fashion dolls.

    Great job Vanessa, thanks for giving us our fix. LOL...

  2. Great video Vanessa!! What type of camera do you use!

  3. @Frannie My camera is just a Kodak digital camera, point and shoot. When I bought it, it was on sale for $100. I did a little experimenting with the P(rogram) setting which made a big difference. I also started using my tripod as much as possible, which has really kept my pics in focus.

  4. @ Tracy When I am shooting a scene, my eyes tend to focus on everyone that appears in the frame. I don't change everyone's pose in the background, but just making one change can make it seem like everyone has moved a little.

    You would be amazed what you find at the thrift stores. Some times I spend a day going from one Goodwill to the next.

    Guess I better go make some furniture to sell, so I can reward myself with making the next video. I have so many new families now, it is hard to decide how to get them all incorporated. I am thinking about starting a parallel story line with a group of other families. I don't want to neglect my old families for my new ones.

    Till next time. Thanks for watching!

  5. Hi Vanessa,

    Another tour de force. I have some of the same playsets but I wouldn't have thought to combine them in such a scene. I am really impressed with the polymer clay food.

    Keep 'em coming!

  6. I had some of my dolls in families then when I moved I separated them..LOL. Now I'm reworking stories and families. One day this will all get accomplished..LOL. Your stories are great and they inspire me to do more with my dolls

  7. @Dollz4Moi You know what separation does to a family! Get those families back together. Those poor kids, away from their mom and their dad. For shame.

  8. Just got around to seeing this. I wouldn't show up on my computer at home. I will sneak into the computer lab at school until my acess is denied! I really need a new computer but until then...I sneak.

  9. @ Ms. Leo I just got my computer out of the shop. I was using my old slow one for the past few months. I feel your pain!

  10. How do you make the pizza?


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