Monday, February 7, 2011

Found a great blog about Making Shoes

This is a quick post to give you the link to a blog about making doll shoes.  I used to make doll shoes when I had my porcelain doll business, but it has been awhile.  I found this just in time, as I am about to make shoes for Danielle and my LIV bodies. Thought some of you might be interested in giving it a try.


  1. Hi Vanessa!
    The instructions for making fashion doll shoes are very helpful. I have made various styles of sandals out of sticky back foam but I hadn't tried any shoes with heels. Today my Industrial Design students told me about laser cutters. I need to get my hands on one of these because the worst part about making doll shoes is cutting out the soles. No matter how careful I am I can never get them exactly even. A laser cutter could cut out dozens of perfect pairs at a time!

  2. @Paulette. Thanks for the tip about the laser cutter. I'll have to research them. I have several books on shoemaking. One is very thorough and it talks about making "shoe lasts". Which I think is what they call the heels. I was planning on just making molds of some of the heels I already have. Then I thought I would just make them from polymer clay and then make a mold. The mold making solution from Hobby Lobby is relatively cheap. Don't know when I will get to this project. Hopefully soon!


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