Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Pediatrician Diorama and Video

Took me an extra day to get it finished. My Saturday shopping escapade threw me off schedule. But it is finished. 
A few things to note as you are watching the video: 
1)  I got a chance to use the white cabinet and two dolls (Stepanie and Dr. Pai) from my Doll Finds at the last November doll show.
2)  Dr. Pai is a rubberized doll.  She is completely bendable.  I used this doll because she reminds me of my dentist, Dr. Pai, who just did a fantastic job on my recent dental work. 
3)  If you are wondering why Lisa is carrying an orange purse with that outfit, she spilled milk in the diaper bag, and this was the only purse she had that was big enough for her stuff and the baby's stuff.
4) Jessica is an Only Hearts toddler doll. She is wearing a Kelly outfit. She was wonderful to work with because of her totally poseable body.
5) Certificates, clocks, checkbook, money, folders, and some of the other items on the shelf behind the desk, are from Jim's Printable minis.
6) My makeshift baby scale: I made the bottom from polymer clay and the top is from a small stroller I have.

Side note: I shot this video with the tripod and it made all the difference.  I only had one unusable picture!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. It really came out well! It looks so real scaled it's amazing. Dr. Pai...what a find, she's gorgeous! I really like when you show Lisa checking in, you can see the Coopers starting back to Dr. Anderson's room. It was worth the wait. :)

  2. @ Tracy You changed your name! I was like who is Tracy. LOL! The Coopers weren't even a family I was going to introduce, but she is my one real pregnant doll. I think her face is turning a strange color.

  3. LOL...I thought it was a mouthful for you guys to comment back on, LOL...so I thought I'd post my fist name.

    I hate it when some of the dolls turn weird colors. My Janay doll looks gray/brown. I couldn't tell in the video if Mrs. Coopers color was changing though.

    Oh, don't know if you're aware but the Dynamite girls are on sale for $20. I think Dayle is a beautiful doll that you could make a family with. Here's the link:


    Not that I'm an enabler. ;)


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