Thursday, October 4, 2012

Christmas Ornament Time!!

 Christmas time is the best time to find some unique doll props by way of Christmas ornaments.  Yesterday, I picked up a few from Hobby Lobby.  They had quite a few that I wanted, but I limited myself.  Luckily they were 40% off, or they would likely still be in the store.

Okay, this tricycle would have come home with me even if it wasn't on sale.  Isn't it the cutest?!  It is made of ceramic.  It's not heavy, but there isn't any movement to it.

Ciana doesn't care.  She is looking forward to receiving it on Christmas morning.

Danielle always has me on the lookout for cute things for Jacob and Julian.  I can always find things for Jacob.  You know he's our truck guy.

So, he too, will be a happy camper on Christmas morning.

This is a purse ornament, sort of.  It's made of ceramic and very heavy, but it will make a nice prop.

The dolls really can't hold it too well, because of the weight, but I will have fun with it.  There she goes again.  Asking for another outfit.  

So they all suggest you go and check out the ornament sections in your local stores. 

Today, I reluctantly went into a thrift store because I needed to kill a little time.  Wait until you see what I found there.  That post will be up by Saturday.


  1. These are all so great. I especially love the trucks. Jacob & Ciana are as cute as ever.

  2. Aww, they're all so adorable. Can't wait to see what you found at the thrift!

  3. I love Hobby Lobby ornaments. I get my wall decor during this season. The little tricycle is too cute! I also love the trucks and blue purse. I need to go see hey have.

    I look so forward to seeing what you found at the thrift store. I know it's good.

  4. How cute!! I'm going to Hobby Lobby on Saturday. Pray for me!!!, I'm going for yarn but you know how that goes.

  5. Cute, cute, cute! The ornaments and the kids are just too cute. I like that handbag, too.


  6. Those are nice I don't know if Hobby lobby is arond here. I will have to google it. I wonder if I will find one on my way to see my daughter Hmmmmm.

  7. Great finds and great scale for the dolls. Handbags seem popular as ornaments - a few years ago I found quite a few (more suited to 16" scale dolls) that were real handbags and had chocolates in them. Unfortunately I haven't seen anything like them since but you've encouraged me to look again.

  8. wow those are great finds! I have one of the purse ornaments, they make great props when the dolls are visiting, out eating, and you need a purse to sit in a chair or on the floor.I like the trike and trucks!

  9. Wow! Is it true that every year the Christmas always comes first!
    Cute stuffs you have there, tahnk you fr thr tips :)

  10. Great purchases! The little tricycle is very cute, and I love the tiny trunks! I have to visit my local stores when I recover. I'm mad about having to be sitting all they long... I miss my dollies and doll shopping!

  11. Note to All:

    Glad you enjoyed the ornaments. I forgot to show you the REALLY nice ornament tool set I found. I will put it in a post, possibly with a story.

    Last year I found nice 1/6 scale sweaters that actually fit the dolls. Score! Didn't see any this time...yet.

    For those of you not familiar with Hobby Lobby, every week they have wonderful sales. The sales rotate every week, so eventually, more than 80% of their items will be on sale at some point. At least every other week, and sometimes weekly, they have a 40% coupon, on-line, that you can use for one non-sale item.

    Rossetti - I'm so sorry to hear that you are housebound. Hope you get better soon. I should probably give you Kendra's number. She, too, is housebound because of the pregnancy.

  12. I never would have thought of Christmas ornaments for the doll toys. So cute. I love that tricycle.

  13. Hello from Spain: are missing two months to arrive Christmas ... The tricycle and cars are very nice. The bag even ceramic is very elegant and regal. The ornaments and the kids are just very cute. Keep in touch

  14. Alas, no Hobby Lobby in Philly. Boo hoo.


    Love the photos of Ciana ... I love your kiddies.

  15. I missed this post, so cute! I searched my area too, no Hobby Lobby. :( I may try Michaels' though. They often have cool ornaments around this time. Love that tri-cycle and the size of the trucks & cars. Now the kids can really open presents on Christmas. :)

  16. NOTE TO ALL:
    For those of you without Hobby Lobbys or Michaels, there are often other stores that carry wide selections of Christmas ornaments this time of year. One here in GA is called Garden Ridge. They have the BEST prices on their items.


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