Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Langfords are Getting a Dining Room

Remember the Langfords?  They are part of the Generations group.  I introduced them back in May 2011.  Well, they finally got their dining room started that I intended to do months ago.  Amazing how as soon as I announced that I was doing away with the other groups, Generations started getting their own rooms.  They are fighting hard to stay in the loop.  Their dining room is not finished, but I got a good start.  We are going to pretend that there are placemats on the table and that the table cloth is much nicer.  I want to get  a couple really nice floral arrangements.  That plant behind William is just a place holder for something I hope will be colorful and beautiful.  I need a top for the buffet that is just under the picture.  The elephant will probably go, since Camille is an AKA (sorority), not a Delta (who is all about the elephants).  I will also add the same wallpaper to the right wall.  Of course, lots more decorating is needed.

It is fitting that this family reappeared this month.  I re-read their story and I had forgotten that Camille is a 5 year breast cancer survivor.  It's nice that she came back during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I wish I could take credit for great planning,  but it wasn't my doing.

Just a quick reintroduction.  William and Camille are at the heads of the table.  Jacquelyn, their oldest daughter is in the black dress.   She's single without children.  Dominique, in the hat, is one of the younger twin daughters.  She is not married and has a 2 yr old daughter who is seated with grandma.  Grace, the other twin is in the fushia outfit.  She too is unmarried and has a 5 yr old daughter that is sitting with grandpa.

Once ever month, usually the third Sunday, the entire family gathers at mom and dad's house for dinner.  It is a way to get up to date and for grandma and grandpa to have quality time with their granddaughters.  They refuse to get caught in the babysitting trap, so they don't do much of that.  The girls do stay over occassionally, but it is on grandpa, grandma time.

This is one of the few times that you will see Dominique dressed up.  Camille requires that the girls be properly dressed for dinner. 

As you can imagine, Jacquelyn gets a lot of questions about her love life, or lack of one.  She always replies that she is looking for someone just like her daddy, and he just hasn't shown up yet.

William just eats that up.  He, unlike Camille, is fine with his daughter being single.  He has always been the overprotective father.

Hmmm.  I wonder if this is the family that will have the Thanksgiving dinner I was planning to do?  Wow, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Where did this year go?!

Sidenote::  Camille is Darius and his sister's aunt.  So they will probably pop over from time to time.

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  1. Love it. I love the grace dolls. They are my favorite from that line. Anyway I have that same shirt that the dad has on. Small world.

  2. mrscarissa - I'm glad to finally get them into the mix. I love my Lt. Uriah doll in the black. She is another favorite. I don't have a favorite from the SIS line. But if I had to choose it would be Kara, Chaundra (older ones), Trichelle, and Grace, in that order.

  3. Hi Vanessa thanks for visiting with us! I laughed so much playing around with James, but he was all for it. Thanks for your comments!
    You know, you are an amazing person! I love what you are doing and your love for this shows. Thanks you for telling your stories and introducing us to your doll families. We both love them! Luv

  4. I love the dynamics of your families because it's true to life. This is a beautiful family! The dining room table is very nice, I especially love the gold chairs. Love that William, one of the most handsome Power Team guys I've seen. :)

    I'm excited to see more of this family, great job!

  5. Loretta - I love that you and your husband are still having fun with each other after so many years. That concept fits right in line with how I am trying to depict my families. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Tracy - I think this will be another favorite family of mine. I can imagine all kinds of stories with them. With William being bald, he can play the older gentleman. I guess if he let it grow, you would probably see some gray hairs in there.

  7. I love the complexion on Chandra but I can't stand her side eyes. Maybe one day I will learn how to fix them. Kara is probably my second fav. I love their clothes. They are so young and urban. I wished they would come out with Pastry and/or Rocawear clothes and shoe packs. Also wished they would come out with another version of Darren without that big smile on his face.

  8. mrscarissa - I agree about the eyes and the clothes and shoes. I would like to see a nice AA male on a redesigned fashionista body. The body they used for Darren is not compatible with any of my other male heads and I have plenty of different versions. I'm pulling for a good fashionista body.

  9. This is a beautiful family. I hope we see and hear more about them.


  10. DBG - I love the Langfords. I'm pretty sure we will be seeing more of them. As long as limbe dolls stop trying to get me to make my own lingerie and wigs. LOL.


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