Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shantavia's New Camera and Tripod

Shantavia, our resident photographer, is testing out her new camera and tripod.  She is excited because she just got word that she was selected as the photographer for an upcoming bridal fashion show.  She is really becoming the photographer of choice in her community.

"Get ready to smile, Jada."
"Mommy, but there's no one there to take the picture."

"I put the timer on honey.  Say cheese."

"Here we go again, Jada."
"Ta da."

"Don't drop me."

"Ok, picture taking is over.  Let's go eat dinner, silly girl."
"What are we having?"


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  1. So precious! I love everything about these pics, dolls, sofa, art, decor, dio, topic...everything. Very fun pics!

  2. What an awesome camera and tripod! Shantavia's place is really nice and that sofa is off the hook Vanessa! I love the green. I so hope to see Shantavia's place in a video in one day soon. Will there be a back story on why the two broke up or did I miss a blog?

    Great dio! :)

  3. Georgia Girl - Thanks so much. Wow, you saw an awful lot in those pictures.

    DBG - Thanks. I just love those little kids. They all seem to take on their own little personalities.

  4. Tracy - When I was shooting this, I thought of you and your daughter. This is in her home art studio. Did you see that post? I had no plans to delve into her background story, but you may get snippets of it when she and her girls are hanging out, or maybe at the hairdressers.

    By the way, that loveseat is very yellow. LOL.

  5. Love it. I think I have this camera setup somewhere :O)

  6. Dollz4Moi - Thanks. You are so funny. I would love to see your doll area. I imagine lots of stacked piles of boxes full of things you haven't seen in years. How's your organizing going?

  7. Bridal Fashion Show, I know that Danielle will be there. Has she thought about her bridesmaids yet?

  8. Vita Plastica - Thanks!

    Frannie - Yes. I think Danielle will be there. At the moment I think she is focused on finding a good wedding planner. She didn't have one her first wedding, and remembered how much work she had to do.

  9. Love the pics!!! The dolls poses are very natural, and the setting is so detailed and full of life! My mum always told me there was "food" to eat. It must be a universal truth for mummies, LOL.

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  11. OMG...note to self, never post at almost's hard to see colors that late, LOL. I don't know why I said green. I was just getting settled from a late running meeting last night and I know I was tired but had to check the blogspot for updates, knowing I was half cross eyed with sleep. :)

    I hear you about the back story. Hopefully, the parents get along well, that's always nice to see. :)

  12. Rosetti - Thanks. I almost took it to the next step where you say "what kind of food?", and your mom typically said, "the kind you eat." Even my dolls have gone to mommy school and learned all those wonderful mommy-isms.

    Tracy - I posted it at some crazy hour and fell asleep before I completed the edits. When I woke this morning, it was still on my screen and so were all those extra spaces that I normally take out before anyone sees them. LOL. We both need to get more sleep.

  13. Hello from Spain: let me once again amazed. Jada is beautiful. Good thing is the official photographer Shantavia. It has lots of personality. The clothing of both is beautiful. I really like the detail of the picture on the wall, did you do your shopping or so??? Esters in contact blog blog.

  14. Love Jada's eyeglasses and the way Mommy looks at her.

  15. D7ana - She won those glasses at the carnival this past summer. They definitely fit her personality.

  16. Ok so I went pretty far back. LOL! Have you shown a blog post where Jada met Bruce? I know he hasn't been around that long.

    1. Kenya - You are worse than Jason. Nothing sinister happened between Jada and Bruce. Read my comment on the latest post.


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