Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Got So Much Done, I Impressed Myself

I took the day off yesterday to rest. So I stayed in the bed, with my computer, planning out my next big project. (That's my idea of taking the day off). I did take a run to the post office to mail out a newly finished sofa. This morning, I was renewed and full of energy. I got a ton done in about 4 hours. Actually you can double the work you see below, because I designed new areas, then redesigned them into new rooms so quickly, my head was spinning.  When I woke this morning, the only thing I had planned was a photostory with Rod and Danielle telling the kids about the pending wedding.  That didn't happen, but here is what did happen.  CAUTION:  All of the rooms are still pretty rough.  Some are still in the concept phase.

 Zahara and Nikaya got a new room.  It used to be Nicole's, but turns out she and Rod will be moving in with Danielle and the boys.  Don't worry.  Danielle has decided to let Nicole have the guest room.

There are all the little erasers from Michaels.  The Connect Four is from Party City.  There are about 6 in a pack.  I need to make some books to go in a couple of the cubby holes.

Remember the Hello Kitty pez I bought a couple of weeks ago from Michaels?  Minnie Mouse is from the Dollar Tree. 

I will make sheets, pillows and comforters for the beds.

The Beauty Salon moved to the other part of town.  It used to be right above Racquel's boutique.  There is a nail salon area and a make-up area.  Kara was the head stylist, but she recently bought the salon when the former owner decided to sell.  This doesn't leave a lot of time for her singing, so right now she just focuses on song writing.  That's where the money is.

Still lots of decorating that needs to take place.

Darius and Nikki got a new kitchen.  Oh did I tell you? They moved in together! Lydia (the interior designer) left the wallpaper sample so they could live with it a couple of days.  They are just not feeling it.  They are waiting for more samples.  They are also waiting for the new table and chairs.

The boutique is going through a trial and error phase.  The shoe area was completely gone from the boutique and made into a separate store.  As you can see, it is back.  I don't know that it will stay. Yesterday, as I was ordering a couple more dresses, I decided that all new clothes needed to be housed at the boutique and the ladies needed to go there to buy them.  This meant that the boutique needed more space. Initial thought was to make it 2 floors.  Not practical when I have so many more rooms that need to be built.

Everything looks pretty crappy right now, because I am just trying out different things. Once I decide on a layout, things with be painted and covered to bring it all together.  The cabinet in the middle will probably have another shelf, instead of the hanging bar. Accessories and jewelry may live here.  That chair won't be there. I may have to make one of my little accent chairs for the space. Yeah, right. Who am I kidding?  The table would be covered with a table cloth.  Not sure what I would put there yet.

The hanging bar will be painted silver and installed.  This is where the new clothes will hang.

I even started the school room for the kindergardeners.  These desks are probably just place holders.  I need to buy or make smaller desks.  I think there will be at least 6 kids in the class.  This room needs walls and a rug, then lots of kindergardener stuff.  This was the new shoe store for a brief moment until I thought of the school room.

I decided to resurrect the daycare.  I didn't get a lot done here except dividing the areas.  This is the toddler area.  I still have to put in walls, lots of decorations, make more kid books for the reading area, etc.

This is the infant section. When I started designing this entire area, it was going to be Racquel and her husband's bedroom with the baby's room off of their room. So much for that.  The daycare is in the same building as Racquel's boutique.  Very convenient for dropping off and picking up the baby.

Here is a video from Feb 2010 of my first daycare.  It was one of my first videos.  There isn't any music and you can't read what is being said, but is was a pretty nice daycare.  It is currently just over 142,000 views.

Bottom Line:  I have come to realize that I will never get to all those groups and storylines like I planned.  So the Bikers, the Studio Dreamers, the Sisterly Love girls, and the Generation group will all have to get in where they fit in.  Between the salon, the boutique, the school, and the nursery, you will start seeing them in some form.  The Families will continue to be the central part of my stories.

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  1. Your sets are coming along nicely. It was nice to review the video again. I love that you use the children in your stories so often....they are so precious. It is rare that people do so in their dioramas/stories.

  2. love the new rooms! i especially like the class room the best. i too have been planning new scenes but i am running out of room in my apartment! I actually turned the second bedroom into a doll room!

  3. Georgia Girl - Thanks. I can sit and listen to real kids all day. They can be such intense little people. As Bill Cosby used to say, "Kids say the darndest things."

    william - Thanks. The beauty is by putting up permanent rooms, I am freeing a lot of my stuff that was just in storage bins. I foresee a much neater doll space than I had before. You don't have to really worry until your whole apartment becomes your doll room. I would love to trade my house in for a large loft space. I rarely use the non- doll rooms anyway.

  4. Eliana - Thanks. Don't be surprised if one of my dolls ends up with the name Eliana. It just rolls off my tongue it's so pretty.

  5. Wow, you sure got a lot of things accomplished! They are really coming along. Love the way the boutique looks!

  6. Excellent work! I did basically the same thing this weekend. Must be this fall air inspiring us to redecorate!

  7. Frannie - Thanks. I can't wait for the hangers I ordered to show up. I am anxious to get the boutique done so we can start seeing some different characters.

    Vita Plastica - Maybe you are right. I think the fact that the holiday season is nearby which means, trick or treating, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas decorations (all for the dolls, of course), I realized I better get my butt in gear and get everyone situated before the big rush comes along.

  8. So much work done! I love the rooms and scenes you've created. So creative! Hugs

  9. I always loved this video! I'm glad to see it here again. The darker baby, which set does it come with? Most of the babies I see are lighter. Did you delete the first one and some of your older post to make way for the new? I think as a blog evolves it becomes a little different. In looking at some of my old posts (I had to when I redesign my blog. It changed the layout of some older posts.), I have made changes. There are things you learn as you go along.
    I like the girls’ room. The matching beds are very cute. Where do you find the windows? I am missing a window like this one (folding house) and would love to replace it. About your sets, do you live with it a while and make changes? How do you decide on scale? For a woman with not a lot of room, I always want things bigger! LOL!
    Every time I see your progress it does spur me to do more, so thanks for that. I find myself pulled in many directions. I really must focus!

  10. Everything looks awesome! You've got a whole town going on now, love it. YAY! A school for the lil' stinkers, lol. Now the kids really have to be good because there's a place for PTA meetings.

    Ok, now I need some of that same cup of energy you had, to finish my project. Notice I said project, meanwhile you've almost completed like...six! :)

  11. Loretta - Hello darling. Thanks. I've been visiting your site and reading your wonderful words of encouragement.

  12. Ms. Leo - I think the darker baby came with one of the Baby Doctor sets (2003/2004) that came with 2 babies. All of my videos are still all on YouTube. I have no plans on deleting any of them. I like to see from whence I have come. The windows in the girls room are actually from a miniature store. When I design a set I have every intention of using it as is. It is only when a new idea comes along (like hanging clothes on a rod) that a change will happen. Scale is determined by available space. Initially the school was going to be about 8 ft long with multiple rooms, etc. But then I had to build a patio for the Andersons. This was not in my original plans at all, but I bought the cute apron for David, and the idea of the patio and grill was born. This cut into the area for the school. Once I came up with the idea that a bedroom for the house, doesn't need to be near the house, lots of opportunities opened up. Sometimes I watch a show called Small House/Big Style (?). I am amazed at what people can do with 700 sq ft of space. It was then that I realized that it doesn't have to be big. That is why I started making some really small rooms, like Darius' condo kitchen. Compare the girls room to the room I did for Julian and Jacob. Their room is huge compared to the girls room. If you want to focus, you probably shouldn't be reading my blog. I have no clue on the meaning of that word.

  13. Tracy - Thanks. If I don't have a place for these parents to drop their kids off before work, it will always be the weekend in my town. End of Labor Day always signifies back to school up North. Seemed logical after the cookout that someone would be going to school. Now that Danielle is engaged, she will have to have her hair and nails done. What better way to get more of my characters in the story than by putting them to work as teachers, hairstylists, etc. I think the planning of the wedding is going to bring out many more opportunities for some temporary settings.

  14. Wow! Inspiring as usual.

    I like seeing the steps you have taken along the way; helps to see the unfolding of the rooms. Fun to read how your plans change as you move from one completed section to another. Both thumbs up!

    I need to get my stuff cleared up so that I can know what I have, and where I have it. LOL. So I will be clearing some stuff OUT. Back to selling ...

  15. Doll-sized Connect Four game? Too cute!

  16. I will have to think on your advice!

  17. how did you make the cubbies? If you did not make them where did you get them?

    1. sislovessinging - I didn't make the cubbies. I bought them from Target for $1 last year. They were a little bigger and I cut them down to the size in the room.


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