Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not Doll Related. This one is for the dancers out there.

Occassionally, I post non doll related stuff.  I love to dance and I love to laugh.  This satisfied both of those.  "This isn't for everyone, only the sexy people." (I am drawing a blank on what song that is from).  Oh, and if you need a little inspiration to get up and exercise (cough, cough, Sporadically Yours), this might possibly motivate you. 

My YouTube buddy, erdarula sent this to me.  She is 10, and all of these songs are older than she is, so it's funny to me that she even liked this video.


  1. Ha Ha, I do have a sense of humor ;-), that was funny. And "Wait a minute yall, this dance isn't for everybody, only the sexy people...." Salt & Pepa - Push it. That song is in my "workout" playlist. ;-)

  2. Sporadically Yours - That's IT! "Push It" never entered my mind because I kept hearing the man's voice. Thanks! I'm surprised he didn't have that one in the video.

  3. Thanks to you, today's sporadic publication is about my workout playlist. After I wrote it I looked up to see what year Push it was released. 1986!!! OMG - I was generous when I said 20 years for how old some of my songs were. GEEZ! Anyway, thanks for today's inspiration!

  4. I have seen this video before but it is worth seeing again. Thanks for posting it.


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