Saturday, October 8, 2011

Racquel Is Working On The Boutique Today

It's Saturday and Racquel has been working at the boutique all morning.  A couple of shipments arrived yesterday and she wanted to get the merchandise put away.  She still has quite a bit of work to do before the Grand Opening.  She just hopes the rest of the merchandise arrives in time.

Racquel is just about finished for the day.  She's on the last piece, a waist length fur.  Racquel is trying to get ready for the winter, so she is bringing in a few furs.  Just in time.  She can hear her friend Halle coming through the door.  She and Halle are headed out to lunch to finish getting caught up.  Halle stopped by the house a few nights ago, but couldn't stay long.  So the ladies decided to do lunch to continue their visit.

Halle:  "Hey girl.  You ready? Oh my. That jacket is gorgeous!  I have to try it on."
Racquel:  "Be my guest.  I am dying to see what it looks like on."

Halle: "Aww.  This feels nice."
Racquel: "It looks good on you."

Halle:  "When did you say you were opening?  I may have to come back for this?
Racquel:  "I'm hoping to be ready in 2 weeks."

Halle: "I see a few more things that I will have to get when you open.."
Racquel:  "Ok.  Let's get out of here.  I am starving."

Halle: "So where's the little one today?"

Racquel: "Oh, she's home with daddy today, getting spoiled."

Epilogue: So I am slowly making progress on the boutique.  I have to paint out that orange drawer to match the rest of the cabinet.  I will add another coat of paint on the shelf unit below the dresses.  Have to figure out what I am going to put in the shelf cubbies and in the case.  Still throwing around some ideas for the boutique name.  Once I get one, I will cover up the Sketchers sign.  Finally, I will add a small table.  I had to get Halle back into the stories. I have a nicer body for her, but I was too lazy to open up the box and do the head swap.  The next time you see her, she will be a  little more articulated.

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  1. The boutique looks amazing! I hate having to paint everything to match but what can you do. Its nice to see halle around again!

  2. Cute boutique! Looking forward to the grand opening and I'm loving that white hat :)

  3. Boutique is really coming along!Love those dresses!

  4. Did you make the dresses in the boutique? It is coming along very nicely. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. william - Where would we be without spray paint. I used stone paint for the first time. It was a little messy. I have an extra AA Basics 2.5 body for her. Those hands were driving me crazy.

    Dollies Series - Thanks. That white hat came in the boutique set. It makes a great prop. I'm feeling the pressure to get it done. Between her boutique and Antoinette's kitchen I'm going batty over here.

  6. Frannie - Thanks. I'm a sucker for a pretty dress.

    mrscarissa - I only made one of the dresses up there. The red and white one that you can't really see. I do plan to make some in the future for the boutique because she will need new clothes occassionally. I need to make some of those jewelry mannequins, so I can have a place to put your jewelry set(s) I will buy in the future.

  7. The coat is nice and Halle looks great in it. Of course she probably looks great in anything. Please refresh my memory -- whose body does she have now? Mine has a Liv body and I hate those hands for her, too.


  8. DBG - Halle was on a Pop Life body, that ended up going to Racquel. I then gave her Racquel's BB 2.5 body, which I then gave to another character. Let's face it, Halle wasn't getting any play, so she didn't need a body. The body here is just an SIS body, that I threw her head on. Now that she will get camera time, I will give her the second BB 2.5 body that I bought when I bought Racquel.

  9. The boutique is coming along well! I love the stone paint too. Just when I working myself up to painting, it rains! Yeah, when is the Grand Opening?

  10. Ms. Leo - Girl, you know if I could just focus on one project at a time, I would actually be able to tell you the date of the Grand Opening. I'm working on getting her husband a body, so that fine speciman can start showing his face.


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