Saturday, October 1, 2011

Now This is an Airplane!!!

This was recently shared by one of the ladies (Marna) on the doll boards.  They are pictures of a 1/6 scale plane auction that took place on Yahoo Japan.  It is not shaped like a plane, but it has all the details of a real plane.  You can see about 10 more detailed pictures here. More plane pictures.  It has seat belts, seat trays that go up and down, magazine racks.  The whole works.  I really want a plane for my guys, but I hate that the planes here in the US only have 2 - 3 seats.  My people have kids.  A 4 seater would be perfect.  The planes here are so big, too.  Look how compact this is.  I wish I was a more patient person when it comes to projects.  I could make this plane.  It really isn't that complicated.  I may not make one with all the whistles, but it has given me some ideas about making one that would be acceptable to my dolls.

The dolls shown in the pictures are Momokos, just in case you aren't familiar with them.

Did you notice the overhead lights above the seats?

Those are blankets in the cabinet. I wonder how much they charge for those on this plane.


  1. This is really cool looking! I bet you could make your own airplane insides. It doesnt look too complicated and the seating looks easy! I was thinking of creating a plane scene but didnt have the motivation to do so. I bet you can make this Vanessa!!

  2. william - Yes this isn't very hard to make. I just don't know when I would squeeze it in with all the wedding hoopla that will be happening over here. By the way, the guys were wondering if they could have the bachelor party at Club Euphoria?

  3. Heck yeah they can! That would be awsome and they would have an awsome time! I think the plane would make a excellent scene for their honey moon shots!

  4. Once you get the idea of how to make it, the major obstacle usually is finding the time, at least that's always the case with me. :) I look forward to your version and I'm quite sure it would be great. :)

  5. WOW! This is great! I wanted a plane and train for my dolls. I purchased the train thinking I could make it double for both but I haven't touched it since I purchased it. So much to do and so little time! Let's sing it together!

  6. Niel - Oh please don't hold your breath waithing for mine. You will probably get one done before I will. What did you say? You are not planning to make one. It will probably still get done before mine.

    Ms. Leo - In the basement is the train and the cruise ship that I totally forgot about until I saw it a few months ago. Mind you I bought them both from the thrift store only about 4 yrs ago. How do you forget something that big. I just need to show all this nice luggage I have. I have to do like some others and just show them at the airport checking in their luggage and then arriving at their destination. Ding Ding Ding! I think I have a better shot at making that happen.

  7. I'm having heart palpitations over here. Wow, that is beautiful. It would be perfect if it looked like an airplane but it doesn't matter if you're doing photostories.

    It's inspiring me to get back to work on my airplane!

  8. Vita Plastica - Yes, I looked at those pictures and pictures my dolls sitting comfortably in those seats reading a magazine. I never thought of having a plane that didn't look like a plane. I really like the compactness of this. It would work so much better for my space constraints.


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