Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jordan Insists on Seeing the Supermarket Progress

In a previous post Terrance and Jordan met to discuss the building of the supermarket.  That day she insisted on taking a trip to the site to view the progress.

"As you can see, we still have a bit left to do." (Terrance)
"That is an understatement.  I was expecting this place to be ready on March 2nd.  There's no way you are going to have this place ready by then." (Jordan)

"We don't even have signage, yet, and this is not the layout we agreed to." (Jordan)
"There's still work to be done on the walls before we can install the signage and the final layout won't be done until the walls are complete." (Terrance)

Jordan proceeds to walk around the store checking out the different areas.

"Well, I have to say this is pretty disappointing.  I was planning to start training on March 5th.  I also have to postpone the food truck delivery." (Jordan)
"I do apologize.  The inspection delays really put us behind schedule." (Terrance)

Hopefully the next time we see Jordan, she will be happy in her new supermarket.


  1. There is still much to do, but Jordan is determined...it will all be done in time! Check out my latest post...I answered your question about programming! Have a pleasant evening! Luv

  2. Jordan is definitely very impatient! It will be done in due time.
    Supermarket is coming along very nicely!

  3. Jordan,

    Tell Terrence how you really feel.

    (I felt sorry for Terrence.)


    1. DBG - Why is everyone feeling sorry for Terrance? He's a big boy. Deadlines are critical in business. They need to perform. I'm not so sure he would be getting all that love from you readers if he wasn't so handsome. LOL!

  4. I have faith that Terrance will be able to pull it off. Jordan does not seem like one to be played with. Lol!

  5. Loretta - I just say the post. Thanks so much! I can't wait for the new season.

    Frannie - LOL! I'm with Jordan on this one. Getting the store stocked with fresh foods will be tricky if the schedule slips too much. Same with the training. She will be paying these people and they won't be able to work. It's not fair to the employees to be told sorry we have to push it back a month. That means a month of no pay and bills not getting paid.

    Sorry I was about to go off the deep end there. LOL!

    Georgia Girl - Poor Terrance has a contractor (me) that tends to get involved with too many other projects. This same contractor is responsible for the new daycare and we see how that is coming along. It's not. Is there no end to this madness!

  6. I think Jordan is worse than Ms. D! If Terrance doesn't want to feel her heels you know where, he needs to get it moving! BTW, I love his coat! Did you make it or is it by someone?

    I give you much credit! You keep trotting along with your dios. I have had my market for over 6 years and have not worked on it. I keep tell myself I'm going to paint it! I have three big dios to work on but I'm not motivated enough to start!

  7. Ms. Leo - Thanks! I thought it was about time to have a demanding, take-no prisoners diva in town. I did not make Terrance's outfit. I bought it on ebay, except for the shirt. I have to keep this town moving. My views on the blog have tripled and I feel a little pressure, but it's good pressure. I am learning that everything in my town doesn't have to be painted. My focus has never really been awesome dios. It's always been about the stories. So hopefully people will forgive me for some of the so-so dios that get built. Gotta keep it moving! (my town motto).

  8. I would not want to get on her bad side! Watch out Terrance!

  9. Hello from Spain: Jordan is a very demanding client. When you start a work you never know when it ends. Whenever problems arise. Terrance has a lot of patience. I like cash registers and shopping carts of silver. Keep in touch.

  10. Marta - She is a little demanding, but when Darius accepted the job, he told her when he would have it finished. They need to deliver. My business motto is 'under promise and over deliver'. Jordan is right to crack the whip. I think they will come through, though.

  11. Vita Plastica - I agree, but if Terrance can't handle this minor hiccup, he shouldn't be working for business mogul Darius. He will surely get eaten alive.

  12. I love the cash registers! I have a Hello Kitty themed supermarket set that's just plain adorable...Unfortunately, it's too small for my 1/6 scale dolls.....

  13. In A Dolly's World - So maybe you will have to venture into miniature world so that we can see the Hello Kitty supermarket. Just a thought? LOL!


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