Friday, February 17, 2012

Wedding Colors and the Leopard Handbag

In case you didn't know, the wedding colors are pink, gray and white.  I found this gift bag at the $1 store a couple days ago and thought it was perfect to use to decorate the reception hall.

This was the initial $1 store item I bought months ago that steered me towards the pink and gray color scheme.  I still may add some hot pink in the mix.

I sleep with many things.  My laptop, magazines, an occasional doll, etc.  It makes life easier when I can't sleep.  I just roll over and start working.

This is one of several magazines that I have been sleeping with the past couple of months.  It is dated 2006. 

I was shocked this morning when I looked at the magazine pile and realized the handbag on the front was almost identical to the one I received as a gift a few days ago.  See yesterday's post for details.

No wonder I got teary-eyed when I first saw that little purse.  Let me go see what else I can put in my bed to see if it will come to me.  I wonder where Darius is.
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  1. I like the second choice of colors for the wedding. They are softer.

    The bag is very similar to that shown on the cover of the magazine.

    I sleep with books, magazines, my Kindle Fire, in addition to a real Darius.



  2. Hello from Spain: you're right that the leopard print handbag is like the magazine photo. Very chic. I love it. I see you never sleep. You always have the head with ideas. You are very creative. Keep in touch

  3. DBG - Wow that must be a big bed!

    Marta - If I cleared the bed, I would probably get more sleep, but that is no fun.

  4. I love the colors and I would love to have these colors for my own wedding one day

  5. Vanessa, interestingly I do the same thing. I have my phone, Ipad, FDQ magazine, pen and paper to joy down ideas. I love that leopard bag. Anything animal print catches my it!

  6. JessikaJ - I'm not normally a pink person, but these colors work so well together.

    Georgia Girl - It's a great way to extend the day. We should probably all just go to sleep and rest.

  7. Love the wedding colors, and the handbag...Fabulous!! Also, Dominique is just stunning!

    Even if it were as simple as putting something under the pillow, I'd still find a way to be confused about what I'd put under it, LOL. Too many options: Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Keanu Reeves, Eric Balfour, Daniel Craig, I could go on...but I'm gettin' dizzy. :)

    Great post!

  8. Tracy - Poor Tracy. I really need to get you in to see Tina. Confusion has become your middle name. LOL! On the other hand, I say put them all under the pillow and see who shows up first.

  9. I'm a restless sleeper and cant have anything in my bed. I've got princess and the pea syndrome. I think I will try to put a lottery ticket in my bed though and see what happens.

  10. Hey It's Muff - Hey I like that lottery ticket idea!

  11. Kenya - Me, too! I wish I had it in my size.


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