Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Interrupt This Program for a Character Change and other Goodies

After my marathon doll acquiring last month, I remember saying I'm not buying any more dolls for awhile, except Barbie Basic 3.0 #8.  Well, sometimes something comes along and you just have to make it happen.
While reading a blog, I ran across a Dominque Makeda doll.  Normally this doll comes on an FR2 body which is supposedly fantastic.  I have never seen the body in person.  Dolls on FR2 bodies are retailing
for $175.  So Dominque was not on my list, at all.  I love her and artists are doing incredible things with her that I really enjoy. I never imagined she would ever enter Morristown.  Well the seller had rebodied her on an FR body and was selling her for $75.  Ding, ding, ding!  You are the next doll on the train to Morristown!

So here she is.  I just threw and outfit on her.  I have to make or buy some new clothes for her.  She is worthy of her own wardrobe.  Or at least one she can share with the other FR ladies.

So Naisha has a new mom.  I don't know much about her yet, but I am sure she will be opening up soon.
Hey look! AA Happy Grandma is here.  Actually she is at the airport waiting for her family to pick her up.  Hmmm, I wonder who that will be.  Remember my friend Robyne, who is responsible for me buying the airplane?  Well, she found this doll on the Dollpages for an incredibly good price and she wanted her to live in Morristown.  Isn't that sweet?  This doll looked like she was just removed from the box because she still has the litte threads holding the outfit together.  I got to do my happy dance again because I have been wanting this doll forever.  Yes! We can cross another one off the list. 

This is a great time to introduce you to Jordan.  She arrived the same time Adele did.  But she arrived with bright pink lips and eyeshadow.  This was the first time I felt I had to do a repaint before she could even appear.  You can see a picture of her original face here.  Normally, I can see past the pink lips.  Probably because I have really pink lips and they seem to be getting pinker.  Maybe the Barbies are rubbing off on me.  On my crazy 'repaint every doll that I can day', I gave her raisin colored lipstick and eye shadow.  I didn't change those slide glancing eyes, but it's coming.  Jordan hasn't really let me into her world yet. I am waiting for her to tell me where she belongs and what she wants to do. For now she will show up throughout Morristown. I am hoping to do something fabulous with her hair. I really think she would look nice with curlier hair style.  I bought the Adele doll from a seller on the doll boards.  She felt really bad about not shipping Adele for a week.   Didn't really bother me because I hadn't really been looking for her yet.  So she sent me an email stating that she would throw a little extra gift in the box to apologize.  Well she threw two gifts in the box.  One was a OOAK handmade beautiful dress and the second was this Jordan doll.  I was totally shocked. 
I would say that is it for the dolls, but there is one more coming.  You will find out about her when she arrives.  Then, that will be it! 
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  1. Woo Hoo! What a great dolly acquiring time period it's been... the Dominque Makeda looks perfect as Naisha's mother!!!

    And I love Grandma waiting at the airport... I hope they don't keep her waiting long... grandmothers can get cranky. XD

    And what an amazing bonus gift!!!!!

  2. Dominique is sooo beautiful.

    I love the Happy Family Grandparents.. I have the Caucasian couple and they are some of my favorite dolls!!

  3. Heather - It's been a whirlwind. I need a doll buying break. Grandma is being well taken care of at the Gold Club suite. Let's hope she keeps smiling.

    Tabitha - I love Dominique. I've been told she's not popular with collector's. Works for me, I can get her at a reasonable price. I have the Caucasian pair, too. They have a son and granddaugter.

  4. The minute you say, "that's it," usually something else interesting surfaces that becomes a must have. Congratulations on Dominique, AA Grandmom, Jordan the extra fashion and whatever else is on the way to Morristown.


  5. Wow! Dominique is prrrrrr-fect (in my Eartha Kitt voice)as Naisha's mother! It happens like that sometimes, you need to replace a character because another is a better fit. :)

    I always get extra excited when I see your posts about new characters/purchases!

    Congrats on the new additions. ;)

  6. dbg - You missed the rest of that sentence. "That's it....until the next time." LOL! I have 2 addictions; learning and dolls. Could be a lot worse.

    Tracy - I don't know how these FR dolls are geting into Morristown. I am going to have to put a lock on the entry gate.

  7. Hi from spain: Dominique is very pretty and interesting face. Congratulations for your new dolls. in the previous post what luck with the seat in miniature. In the hands of the Barbie is ideal. The clothes that BArbie is beautiful. Something casual. I look forward to your creations. In Spain there are not such kinds of crafts. What a laugh with you look like a student. You are a child... keep in touch

  8. The doll looks beautiful also I want that barbie basic too
    I think I will name her my name jessika or jessi for short

  9. The FR's are great for a more mature looking character. Plus, you're getting FR girls that I don't think I've seen before so that's always exciting to see. I absolutely love how diverse your collection is, it's as it should be in life. :)

    I used to be all about the DG and really wasn't interested in Barbie but after following you, I'm totally gaga for Barbie now and she fits nicely into a budget.

    Oh yeah, you've been holding out on us with the caucasian Happy Family grandparents, LOL. I'm excited to see how you use them and who's parents they are.

  10. Great finds! I am jealous! LOL Dominque is gorgeous! Love the repaint on Jodan! You know sometime in the future there will be some other dolls coming your way and you won't be able to resist! We are all in the same boat.

  11. Congratulations on getting Dominique! She is a gorgeous doll. You got her for a great price. I didn't want to pay the $175 for her either. Great things happen to great people and you deserve the nice gifts that you were given. I hope that grandma arrives soon, it is probably way pass her bedroom. Lol!

  12. Marta - Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Dominique looks just like one of my really good friends.

    Jessikaj - Isn't she a beauty? Good luck getting your BB3.0 #8!

    Tracy - We are all enabling each other. You have a couple of beauties over there I have been trying to come across for a 'can't say no' price. LOL! One of the HF grandparent's son is my Harley Davidson guy with his little girl. There may be more kids. Girl, I have way too many families over here.

    Frannie - Thanks! You are right. There will always be another irresistable doll. I am happy the Barbie Basics are done. I was definitely addicted to them and had a hard time saying no. Oh that's right. I didn't say no.

    Georgia Girl - I can't believe Dominique is here! I have been blessed and I am so grateful. Grandma may have to get a room at the airport hotel. Her family situation is still a little tentative. Poor Grandma.

  13. I'm trying to be a good girl here, I so want Dominque and Jordan but recent events have cost me to cut back a little! However that has never really stopped me before.....

  14. Congratulations on acquiring Dominque and Jordan! I wasn't sure about getting them, but now - on the list, on my list ;-D

    I LOVE how you gave Jordan "raisin" lip color. I also think that the eyeshadow you added looks WAY better than the white eyeshadow.

    Hello to your Happy Family Grandma. Hope she gets picked up soon. (I have her, too. But alas not the FR2. Sniff. Gulp. Hanky touch to the eyes.)

    Thanks for sharing your great finds - it's almost as much fun as getting new stuff myself.

  15. D7ama - Oh, don't cry. You can always come visit them in Morristown. Jordan's eye shadow was actually pink. Just like her lips. I don't know who came up with that one. Grandma did get picked up!!! She is resting comfortably in the guest room where she will stay for the next week.

  16. Dominique is fierce! Love whoever's grandma that is and so glad you toned down Jordan!

  17. Kenya - Dominique puts me in mind of Iman. Not the way she looks, but the way she would probably carry herself. I need to make this woman some clothes. You can tell she is a chic dresser and probably has as many shoes in her closet as you do.

  18. EbonyNicole - I look forward to seeing these 2 in your collection. We both know they will find their way there somehow, even if they have to walk. LOL!


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