Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm Never Taking Me Shopping Again

Confused by the title?  Well, me and my doll alter ego had a few minutes to kill before going to our third woodworking class for the week.  I decided to hit Marshall's, Ross', and TJ.  Normally I head right to the toy section, so I knew I could be in an out of all three within 1/2 hour.  Well my alter ego had other plans.  Remember she is one of two interior designers in Morristown.  Those people start looking for things for all of their clients.  Then they start finding things for future clients, they don't even have yet.

Well she took me to some section in the back where she found this.  She told me this would be great in the park.  What park?  Was she designing a park that I didn't know about?  Then she mentioned Rod and Danielle, and I had to agree with her that this would be nice incorporated in the wedding somehow.  This was full price and I told her she needed to focus on clearance items moving forward because we were on a budget.

She did better with this item.  It was marked to $3.50.  I'm not sure how I will use them.  Maybe in a restaurant, or a catered event by Antoinette, or the wedding.  She also pointed out that she could use the black case as a shelf unit in one of her clients house.

She spotted this when we got to the checkout counter.  She was like the kid seeing candy at the checkout stores in the grocery store.  I told her they were very cute, but they were $8, and we weren't buying them.  They had lots of pretty ones and they kept drawing both of us in.  We let two people go in front of us in the line so we could continue looking.

Then it was like we both saw it at the same time.  Do you see what we saw?  A sofa.  We could use the box as a sofa.  Add some cute throw pillows and there you have it.  Granted it won't be the softest sofa to sit on, but it will look pretty. 

She thought maybe it could be used in Halle's  new place.  We will see.

It's actually a diffuser.  So we got three things for $8.  A little more reasonable.

Now if Ms. Interior Designer hadn't been with me, I would have gotten out of the store buying only this LIV doll for $5.  Needless to say, when I walked out of Marshall's I went to the car, instead of walking to Ross' which was a couple doors down.  Of course she asked why we weren't going.  I told her you just blew the money I was planning to spend in all three stores.  We are now technically out of dolly money.   And I can just imagine the damage you will do in the other two stores.  No thank you!  I will come back when you are safe at home with your husband and two kids.
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  1. Too, too funny! That alter ego of yours' needs to be disciplined. However, I understand she's the talent that brings so much to Morristown so, she can't be altered in any way, right? Love it!

  2. I love how your doll makes you do things how funny but that's the same thing with my dolls LOL

  3. Hahahaha! This is why I never let my Neemos out of the purse when I go shopping... I would be broke!

    I love Marshall's.... I picked up a Barbie Basic there yesterday for $3!!!

    Your finds are very awesome though... at least your dolly alter ego has very good taste!

  4. Too funny.

    This is why I don't have a doll alter ego; and if I did, she would always remain home. I do enough damage on my own and do not need any help from the inanimates.

    Nice pickings, though.


  5. hahah! Well she has great taste! Really cool finds!

  6. Love the bird bath! What material is it made out of?
    You have to remember never take anyone shorter than you to the store. (Doll collectors excluded from that rule) You always come home broke. LOL

  7. I can't take any of my dolls shopping with me...

    Adela, Marquis, and Hekate have much too expensive taste!! And the other ones just whine and moan the whole time we're out!

    But your shopping buddy has some really great taste!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. In all my years of playing with dolls, I have never remembered to bring one to the store to test out items in the store. I now know how dangerous this can be. Frannie, the bird bath is made out of metal. It's a reslly nice piece. Heather, that $3 Basic doll you got almost made me get up and go back to Ross and TJ...alone.

  9. Oh, if I brought any of my dolls when I go shopping, I would be evern more broke than I usually am LOL!

  10. Vanessa, thanks for the funny post. I think Mini-V has good taste and a discerning eye. Three things for $8.00 - that's a super bargain. And she didn't throw a fit when you took her to the car. Maybe you could explain to her about the budget aspect ...?

    Then again, she did cause you to miss going to the other stores. Sigh. So I missed the vicarious fun ... but she's fun to read about, your Mini-V. Please bring her out again to play - I mean, visit.

    Oh, Heather, do you say that Marshalls has Barbie Basics for $3.00? The outfits alone ... oh, whoa. Must not go there. Must resist the urge to find out where the nearby Marshalls are located. One in Upper Darby closed ....

  11. LOL! Our dolly alter egos don't care about our budgets!

  12. Very funny story Vanessa! Lol! Mine spend to much too.

  13. D7ana - Her husband has been complaining about all the time she has been spending away from the family, so I think her shopping days are over.

    Hey It's Muff - You are right about that one! She is good with her household budget, but figured my budget was my problem. Not hers.

    Georgia Girl - And you were brave enough to take more than one with you to the FR convention!

  14. Nice sofa find. I know the interior designer will hook it it. As the white things, does anybody have a fancy bathroom. Either piece but mainly the top looks like one of those sinks that sits on top of the counter top. Just a thought.

  15. Very cute story. I can't wait to see the diffuser box sofa.

  16. LOL! This girl is really dangerous to shop with! Love all your shoppins, the four plates with taps look like cous cous ceramic tangines. Maybe a Moroccan dinner going on in the future???

  17. I have to reel myself in when I'm shopping. I am much better today than years ago. I don't have a mini me well I do have a mini Kelly of sorts..LOL.

    It's a good thing you didn't take to any of the other stores then you'd really be scratching your head about all her purchases..LOL. I call them my blackout moments. When I came too all these bags were in my hand or car and I don't remember the sales..LOL :O)

  18. Kenya - Good looking out! I love the sink idea. Maybe I will put one in Rod and Danielle's new bathroom.

    limbe dolls - Thanks. I can't wait to see the sofa too. I need to go ahead and put it together just in case I like it. They had a lot of different color choices I would go back for.

    Rosetti - Thanks. I couldn't think of the name, but tangines is right. I will have to research the Moroccan idea. I like that. I knew all my friends would come up with some great ideas.

    Dollz4Moi - LOLOL! You have been blacking out quite a bit. You may need to see someone about that. Not to mention, I think it's contagious. My problem is finding a bag weeks/months later that I forgot about and then I start wondering, when did I buy this.

  19. I already need to show much restraint when I go shopping alone. To think what catastrophe would happen if I brought any one of my dollies with me! :D

  20. In A Dolly's World - Girl, she was sitting on things and standing next to them to show me how perfectly sized they were. It was awful!

  21. Great finds! I really like the fountain. It would get good use at my house! Your doll would tell you that you would have spent that much on lunch out with nothing to show for it weeks later. She was just trying to help a sistah out!

  22. Ms. Leo - I couldn't pass the fountain up. It was only $10, so not bad. Make sure you look at the post where I made the sofa out of the diffuser box. Girl, my doll knows that I don't eat out but once every 3 months when I want some Chinese food. I am always thinking in dolly dollars. One Chinese outing = One fashionista body. One Chinese dinner and one lunch = One full price Barbie Basic. So anytime I get ready to buy something, I convert it to dolly dollars first to see if I really want it. Most of the times I don't.


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