Thursday, March 1, 2012

Antoinette Shares a Real Recipe

Hey guys.  I'm filling in for Vanessa today.  She is busy making furniture for the neglected Etsy store.  So I told her I would handle today's post.

We both wanted to share a quick recipe for making slightly healthier cake and cupcakes.  Notice I said slightly.  She got this recipe from  If you haven't checked out that site yet, and you are interested in getting healthier, it is worth taking a look.  

Here is a link to the actual recipe.  The recipe has water listed.  I've tried it with water and without water, and I think I prefer it without water. 

So you will need any regular cake mix.  I've tried chocolate, yellow and red velvet.  The chocolate and the red velvet were delicious.  The yellow seemed to be a bit gooey, but it could have just been me. 

You will also need a block of the softest tofu sold..  

Then you mix your chosen cake mix with your tofu (and a little water if you like).  DO NOT add any of the extra stuff listed on the cake mix box like eggs and oil.  Once mixed, follow the baking directions listed on the box.  
And that's pretty much it.  I usually make cupcakes for the kids and Tony.   They love them!  I haven't told them yet that there is tofu in them.  I know my family.  All of a sudden they will start imagining that they can taste tofu and it doesn't taste right.  Unfortunately, I don't have pictures to show you of the ones I made.  I wasn't expecting to ever need a picture.  I was able to go through Vanessa's files and find one of her pictures.

Here are chocolate tofu cupcakes that Vanessa did a few weeks ago.  She told me they were delectable.  You really should give them a try sometime.  Let us know how they turn out.


  1. tofu cupcakes, I really do wish my oven was working!

  2. Thanks for the website info and recipe. I might try it this weekend!

  3. Ebony Nicole, Georgia Girl, and Chynadoll - They are super moist and delicious. It is my treat of choice when I want a little dessert.

    veda - Let me know how they turn out. The 2nd and 3rd time I used a hand mixeer and it mixed easier than when I tried the high powered blender. I think that is the main purpose of the water, to help with the mixing. Try it without the water is you can.

  4. They look good! Thanks for the link to the web site.


  5. Ok, those look awesome... I'm going to have to try them.

  6. Heather - The chocolate ones tastes like a moist muffin. There were times that I ate a couple of these instead of dinner. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

  7. Hello from Spain: I really like the kitchen cabinet wood type. The rate of Mickey does the bought or did? I find super cute. Real recipe of Antoinette looks very delicious. Keep in touch

  8. Marta - Thanks. Those cabinets are from the Kitchen Littles set. I bought Mickey and Minnie Mouse from ebay.

  9. Oh, that looks sooo good. I love the taste of pure junk food, but I need to reduce weight and eat healthier, too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. D7ana - You will never know there is Tofu in them. So you can be bad without being really bad. Tonight I made chips out of kale greens for the first time. They were fairly decent. You do know that it's kale, but it gives that nice crispy crunch that we sometimes need to satisfy that little craving. Definitely beats buying potato chips.

  11. Kale greens chips? Ohhhh ... I didn't like kale as a child - only liked collards and cabbage - but it would be interesting to have kale chips. Hmmm ... I love potato chips, too. Even Pringles ... as long as it's Pringles Jalapeno (best) or Pizza (2dn choice) or BBQ. Sigh.

    Chocolate and chips. Next thing I will be sighing for cheesecake ....


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