Sunday, February 19, 2012

After The Bachelorette Party

"Rod, what are you doing here?!" (Danielle)
"I didn't know I needed a reason to be here." (Rod)
"You don't.  I just wasn't expecting you." (Danielle)

"I wanted to make sure my lady got home safe." (Rod)
"That's sweet of you.  Are you sure that's the only reason you are here?" (Danielle)
"Well, I also wanted to make sure you didn't bring home any leftovers." (Rod)
"If by leftovers, you mean men, I wouldn't have brought them here with my mom and the kids.  I would have gone to their place." (Danielle, smiling)

"Oh really?" (Rod)

"Wow!  I think I need to go away a little more often."  (Danielle)
"How much DID you have to drink tonight? (Rod)
"I'm going to check on my mother.  I shall return." (Danielle)
"Hurry back." (Rod)

"Mom, what are you still doing up? (Danielle)
"Hello sweetie.  You know I don't sleep well.  I'll take a few catnaps throughout the night and I will be fine.  How was the party?" (Mom)
"It was wonderful.  Leslie did a really good job.  I wish you would have come.  They would have enjoyed meeting you." (Danielle)
"My bachelorette party days are over.  But I can't wait to meet all of your friends." (Mom)
"Did the boys behave."  (Danielle)

"The boys were fine.  Jacob was a little fussy before bed, but he fell asleep pretty quickly.  And of course Julian was Mr. Helper." (Mom)
"Glad to hear it." (Danielle)
"And poor Rod was a wreck.  I don't know what he thought you were going to be doing at this party." (Mom)

"That's funny.  I must say those Salsa dancers were pretty caliente!  I don't think my hips will ever be the same after that."  (Danielle)
"Well you may not want to share that with your husband-to-be.  His imagination was already getting the best of him."  (Mom)

"Well goodnight, mom."  (Danielle)
"Goodnight sweetie."  (Mom)


  1. I don't know if it is my computer but I can't see the pictures! :(

  2. I can't see the pictures either :(

  3. me either... I'll check back later.

    I hate Google's new prove you're not a robot tool. Give me something I can see/and or hear clearly Google!

  4. Okay, there seems to be a glitch. I will reload the pictures. Check back in about an hour.

  5. The pictures are back up. Not sure why they disappeared.

  6. DBG - The new tool is a Blogger tool they copied from someone else. I now treat it like its a game. I actually get excited when I get the words right. I then look for my prize. Sometimes, I don't even try. I just push the button to get a new one. I guess that's like cheating on Spider Solitaire when I have to click the hints button. I used to hate it when I saw it on other sites and was happy Blogger wasn't using it. Imagine my surprise when it showed up here.

  7. Nice photo story. Danielle and Rod are my favorite couple. Their love is so blatant.

  8. Georgia Girl - Thanks. These two have just had incredible eye contact since they first met. I noticed it and said Wow!

  9. Rod is such a sweetie, you just wanna squeeze his cheeks off. I love that he was sweating bullets, it's usually the other way around, LOL. Danielle has definitely scored a good one. :)

    I love the guest room, very nice. Will that be Nicole's room too? I'm gettin' super excited to see the wedding and well...I'd be lying if I didn't add that I'm also VERY curious to see more of how Melanie takes the actual "day" Rod gets married, LOL.

  10. Tracy - That guest room is the one that will be transformed into Nicole's room. I'm sure she will want something very girly. You know I am desperately trying to find Melanie a man. If she has a man, she is less likely to cause trouble. All the work I am putting into this wedding. If she comes with some nonsense I am going to bounce her on her head.

  11. Hello from Spain: I love the room that you did to Grandma. The cabinet is very real. Rod's reaction is typical of men. Keep in Couch

  12. I am over here cracking up because Rod's eyes are closed while he is kissing Danielle! LOL


  13. Gwen - Don't you close your eyes when you kiss. LOL!


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