Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Bedroom, A Story, A Project and A House

This is Rod and Danielle's new bedroom.  It is just a mock up that I put together this morning.  So nothing is really completed.  I thought I would live with it for a moment to see if I like it.  So far, so good.  If you recall Danielle had a black and white toile bedroom.  They decided to remodel to make it a little more manly (but not much, as you can see).  The comforter still needs to be sewn, but first I have to find something wonderful to put on the other side.  I like making them reversible.  The other side will be more manly.  The headboard fabric is leather.  It's been waiting for me to do something with it.  The pillows will be finished.  The brown pillow I added is missing in action, but it will return.  We will discuss the lamp a little later.  Hanging on the wall is one of the pictures I got from the thrift store a couple of weeks ago.  It is perfect!  It is a tree which symbolizes growth.  As the Taylor and Harper family comes together, growing together as a family will be very important.

It's 5:30am and Danielle has been lying awake for about 10 mins.  She has a busy day ahead of her and even though she has the day off from work, she wanted to wake up early.

She is waking up alone, but she knows this will only be for a little while longer.  Rod stays over on occasion, but hasn't completely moved in yet.

She does get a little excited when she sees his house slippers sitting by the bed.  She intentionally leaves them peeking out so she can see them.

Rod did move his dresser in about a week ago.  A simple gesture to indicate what would soon be happening.

Danielle usually spends time in the morning reading her devotional bible.

She learned from her first marriage, that no matter how much you love your spouse, there are times when a little devotion goes a long way towards keeping your sanity.

Danielle can hear a noise just outside the door.  She knows it's Julian.
"Good morning, handsome."  (Danielle)
"Mornin' mommy.  Whatcha doing?" (Julian)
"Reading my bible.  Would you like to climb in?" (Danielle)

She barely got the words out before he was comfortably beside her.  She had to admit she would miss these special moments with her son once Rod moved in.  She would have to remember to go snuggle in his bed from time to time.

They chit chat a little about everything.  Danielle tries to keep a pulse on him when it comes to the wedding, Rod, and Nicole.  He seems to be really excited about it all, and she just wants to make sure he stays that way.  After about 20 minutes, Julian announces that he is hungry.

After checking in on Jacob, Danielle and Julian head downstairs for breakfast.

The sun is streaming into the kitchen. (That is real sun).
"So how about some oatmeal?" (Danielle)
"How about some cereal!" (Julian)
"You have eaten cereal for the past four days.  I think you should try something different today." (Danielle)
She is careful not to use the word healthy, even though she is trying to slowly introduce them to that concept.  It hasn't been well received, yet.  

"But mommy, I like cereal."  (Julian)
"I know you like cereal, but you can't live off of cereal. " (Danielle)
"Why not?"  (Julian)
Danielle knows this is going to be too long of a conversation and she has to get her day started.  She gives in and let's him have cereal.   Once it is done, it will be awhile before she buys more of the sugary kind.  He can't eat, what she doesn't buy.

I recently bought this material.  I wasn't sure what I would do with it.  The print is really too big to use for clothing.  
At the last minute, I cut out some placemats for the kids.  I think I will laminate them to make them spill proof.  I then got the idea to use the material for a shower curtain in the kid's bathroom.  That is the plan.  Let's see how long that project takes me.
Speaking of taking a long time to do a project..... When I bought these air freshener lamps from the Dollar Tree almost two years ago, I had some thing like this in mind.  Well today in a matter of ten minutes it was done.  The whole time I had these lamps, I thought the bottom part was glass.  No.  It's plastic.  LOL!  I cut out the bottom with an exacto knife; drained the remaining liquid out; removed the white piece in the center; cleaned it out, added the small shells Ms. Leo had me buy for the beach trip; and temporarily sealed the bottom with polymer clay.  I think you can forego cutting the bottom and remove the top piece.  For some reason, I couldn't remove the top.  Of course it came off after I cut out the bottom.  You can put in other things like sand, etc.  The plan is to make this a working lamp.  I am getting myself in the proper mindset to do that miniature house.

This is an overview of how Danielle's house is coming along.  I recently added the shelving which gave me a 2nd floor and storage on top.  Right next to the master bedroom is the unfinished master bathroom.  There is a lot more decorating to be done.  I am considering adding two windows in the bedroom.  I also started fiddling with adding stairs on the first floor.  My doll clothes are organized in the shoe boxes on  top.  This freed up a shelf in a bookcase I made, where I plan to build another dwelling.  I will be adding a similar shelving unit above the Taylor house for the master bedroom and Kenaz's bedroom.  
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  1. that is a very nice and cute story and I like how you made your pictures - they really reflect the feelings of the girl.

    Good luck with your projects.
    I will add you to my recommended sites soon.
    I will read go on reading about it.

    Barbie Fantasies

  2. Catherine - Welcome to my blog. I just tried to leave a comment on yours, but it wouldn't go through. Thanks for commenting. I look forward to see your future posts.

  3. Very nice story Vanessa. I love that bedroom. Great Job! Love it all...have a great evening! Luv

  4. Loretta - Thanks so much! I love little Julian so this was a treat to do. Tell my friend I said hello. See you soon.

  5. The bedroom looks comfy cozy. I really like the paisley fabric of the comforter.

    Cute story, too.

    Did you make Julian's PJ's?


  6. DBG - Thanks. It will be cozier when Rod arrives. Julian's pj top came in a Joe Boxer set. It came with pjs for Barbie, a t-shirt and boxers for Tommy, a pajama dress for Kelly, 2 pillows, and a toddler sleeping bag.

  7. Hi Vanessa ! I really love your last picture on your page the overview of Danielle's house. Thank you to share it with us

  8. Very nice! Love the colors in the bedroom. They all just works so well together. Julian's shirt is just th cutest thing:)

  9. Ahh! I love your kitchen and dining room combo.. it looks so tidy and comfortable!

    Rod's dresser is so awesome.. *_*

  10. Danielle's bedroom is coming along nicely. Love the material you used for the comforter! Julian's shirt is just as adorable as he is. Loved the real sun coming into the kitchen. Gave it such a homey warm place in her house.
    What a great idea on how you created the lamp.

  11. Shasarignis - Thanks. Space in Morristown is getting limited. I have to get creative with my building now.

    Chynadoll - Thanks.I've been feeling the blue/green combo lately. Wasn't expecting it to show up here.

    Tabitha - Thanks! Rod's dresser can be found at your local Michael's or JoAnn fabric store in the unfinished wood section. I've had mine for quite a few years now. I've been meaning to change out the drawer handles. It looks really cute with crystal beads or metal decorative knobs.

    Frannie - Thanks. She's been too busy to finish, but she's happy to have started. She knows, little by little it will get done.

  12. What wonderful setups!!!

    I'm so jealous!! They're so beautiful.

  13. Everything looks great! Danielle is really getting things together. I love what you, I mean she did with the bedroom. Lol!

  14. Heather - Thanks! She still has a lot to do, but it's comfortable for the moment.

    Georgia Girl - Danielle said, thanks! She did get a little help from her doll friend Vanessa the interior designer.

  15. The 3rd photo is my favorite. It has the look of Rod having just left so as not to get caught by the kids.

  16. Hey It's Muff - LOL! You are so right. That brings back memories.

  17. Hey It's Muff - LOL! You are so right. That brings back memories.

  18. Beautiful bed and kitchen. Very realistic!

  19. Sweet story. My favorite part is the way Danielle keeps Rod's slippers peeking out from under the bed!

  20. Mark - Thanks! She is trying to get it together.

    limbe dolls - Thanks. She is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her man!

  21. I love the bedroom. More manly but still feminine :)

  22. Great dio!!! Love the bed and the details in the kitchen!

  23. charley - Thanks and welcome to my blog. The black and white toile just wasn't cutting it.

    Rosetti - Thanks! Rod's going to enjoy cooking in her kitchen.

  24. Hello from Spain: I love how you left the room. I like the little clock on the nightstand. I love the quilt. I like Julian into bed. It is very real. The sun becomes real in the kitchen cooking as if it were true. I love the cereal box. I really like how you organized the house and clothes in shoe boxes.

  25. Marta - Thanks! The clock is a real working clock. I picked the perfect time to shoot the video to capture the real sun in my backyard. She and the boys will be ready for the new family members soon.

  26. I love Danielle and Rod's room! It looks so relasitci. I'm in the process right now of trying to paint all my barbie-pink furniture to look more real.

  27. That is a nice house also I might fit myself into that bed and get comfortable myself LOL

  28. I love the quilt - paisley can go for either sex IMO - and the headboard and the wallpaper and the carpet and Rod's slippers peeping out from under the bed and of course Julian.

    I feel happy for Danielle and Rod and Julian. Love also the way their house is shaping up. Looks good and getting better.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips. Inspiring as usual and that makes a visit to Morrisville.

  29. Verona - Thanks! I can't wait to see your new painted creations.

    jessikaj - Thanks. I forgot to mention I made real satin sheets for the bed. So I am sure that you would find it very comfortable.

    D7ana - Thanks! When you finish visiting Morrisville, stop by Morristown. We would love to have you. I will even assign you a tour guide. LOL!

  30. I love Danielle's bedroom! I love the colors and I think Rod will fit in nicely because it's very neutral and not overly feminine. That's a great shelving unit you're using, it really makes Danielle's place look spacious!

    She's such a loving mommy, I just love the relationship she has with her boys.

    Beautiful work!

  31. Tracy - Thanks. You know Rod is easy. He will just be happy to be there. How can you not love Julian! I hope she finds a way to maintain the closeness with all the new changes.

  32. Love her place! Her bedroom is beautiful and I like what you did with the lamp. Cute :)

  33. Adrian - Thanks. She is making lots of progress, even with all the wedding planning she is doing.

  34. i love this i read it everyday but i wait to the new things come out but i still love reading it everyday


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