Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Asian Community Just Got Bigger

My Asian community just grew thanks for a recent dollypusher friend.  First of all, this is the name she used for herself.  I just happened to agree with her.  What is a dollypusher, you ask?  It's very similar to a drug dealer. LOL!  It is a person who recognizes that you are addicted to dolls and sets out to offer you dolls for sale, knowing that with the right deal, you will crumble in a heap and holler 'uncle'. She initially offered me two different dolls, that I wasn't interested in buying.  The second doll was a Janay doll, very similar to my Antoinette doll.  I said no, to both dolls.  She mentioned that she would be sending me a little package of goodies for Morristown.  Yippee.  So like any good doll addict, I asked her if she had anything else for sale.  She mentioned a Kyori doll that I thought was a decent price, but with the Canadian shipping, and the fact that she is not on my list, I was okay saying no.  Not to mention, most of my Asian dolls are on smaller bodies.  An Asian doll on an FR body just wasn't what I needed.  She replied that she had been rebodied on a DG body.  Hmmm.  That's interesting.  After seeing pictures, I told her to give me a few days to think about it.  So I went to ebay to check to see how good the price really was.  Turns out the price was really good.  But I still thought of all the things on the list that I could put that money to.  Let's face it, we weren't talking about a $20 doll.    

This is my Asian community.  It is growing by leaps and bounds.

Here is Chang (dang he fine) with his younger sister to the right, his daughter to the left, and his wife Sunni in front.

This is dad to four of the ladies. I haven't named him yet.  He owns most of the Asian cuisine restaurants in Morristown.

This is one of his daughters, with her husband, who happens to be Chang's younger brother.  They are pictured with their daughter.

This is daughter #2, with her two daughters.  She probably has a husband, but he's not here yet.

Daughter #3 is the youngest of the four.

This is Tori and her mom, our town pediatrician.  That Tori doll is gorgeous! This picture doesn't do her justice.

This is the pediatrician's sister, with her daughter and granddaughter.

And here is Kyori!  She is daughter #4.  She is an actress.  So back to the story.  After checking out the price and thinking about it, I decided to buy the Kyori doll.  But every time I got ready to send the email that said I would buy her, I would stop in my tracks.  As you can see, I really didn't NEED another Asian doll.  My community had been progressing quite nicely and within my budget.  The dollypusher must have been able to sense my dilemma.  All of a sudden I get an email that says, if you buy Kyori, I will throw in Yue Sai Wawa, a Japanese doll for free, and I think I can find her an articulated body.  It was a wrap after that!  What do we dolly addicts like to hear?  Free and articulated.  Heck, we all know she could have probably just thrown in an articulated body without a head, and gotten me to say yes.

I am very happy that my dollypusher enticed me, because this doll is gorgeous!  

Here is Yue Sai Wawa.  This isn't the best picture of her, but my what a nice doll she is!  She has a nice sweet young look to her.  She will be the younger daughter to the pediatrician's sister.

And as promised, my dollypusher did have a wonderful care package for the ladies in Morristown, which wasn't dependent upon the Kyori purchase at all.  I am only sharing a few items.  There were some clothes, shoes, other accessories, and a few more purses that didn't make either picture.  When I saw the purses, a let out a squeal of delight.  I love dolly handbags and these will look nice in Ni'Chalet's.  Racquel may have to expand her shop soon.

Here are a few more purses and a cute Asian chest.
Oh goodness, we have an intruder....

Dominique came to get the leopard handbag.  She has been lurking around my sewing machine trying to see if I have started her wardrobe yet.  Now that she has claimed the handbag, I know she is not going to let me rest until I make her some clothes.

Special thanks to Megan for being such a great dollypusher.  I love both dolls and all the great items you sent for the ladies!  Much love to you.
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  1. Lol @ Dolly pusher:D Between dolly pushers, dolly enablers, and wantitis contracted when looking at others purchases, the dolly world seems to need a major dolly intervention!

  2. DollyPusher, I think we all are dollypushers that was funny!

  3. Oh the handbags!!! Love them all :)

  4. @Ebony Nicole - I am glad I saw you here. Been trying for over a week to comment on some of your posts but have been unable to do so. After writing the comment, the side bar to enter the word and click publish is not there. Just wanted to let you know.

    Boy Vanessa, your Asian Community is large. Love Tori from the Generation Girls and Kyori is gorgeous! Which Doll is Daughter #3. We are all Dolly Pushers in one way or another. LOL

  5. Wow, great score! Dang. Chang is FINE!

  6. You're welcome, Vanessa! As I've said in emails, I get so much enjoyment from your blog, I wanted to give back. The funny looking thing on the white sticky putty is a soother, here's the link to the Etsy listing:
    From your favourite dolly pusher!

  7. Ladies just to, myself included, are all dolly enablers. There is a big difference between dolly pusher and dolly enabler.

    Miss Lola - You are so right. A dolly intervention is in order.

    EbonyNicole You are an enabler, because lord knows I am dying for a Takeo doll now.

    Adrian - Hence my squeal of delight. There was a lot more to squeal at.

    Frannie - I knew it was large. I didn't know how large until today. They are going to need their own little section of town soon. Daughter #3 is the Barbie Basic 2.0 Model #5.

    Vita Plastica - Ain't he fine! He is a quiet fine. He doesn't jump out at you, but as you continue looking, it hits you.

  8. Very nice community. Kyori is pretty. Congrats to you!

  9. Loving the Asian community. Of course I have quite a few of your dolls including Kyori. She is Red Blooded Woman. Her original body is the same size as Barbie's and busty too. FR's didn't start out as tall as they are now.

    Love Mari from the Generation Girl line. I may have 2 or 3 of her. She's a great doll. Chang is fine. Now I need to shake the dust off my Asian dolls and take some much overdue pics of them

  10. Georgia Girl - Thanks. I just need a couple more men and I will be done.

    Dollz4Moi - Goodness, I meant Mari, not Tori. Tori is the blonde girl with the ponytails. I will have to find a name I like for Mari. Thanks.

  11. Your Asian community is wonderful! Those handbags are nice! Congrats on everything.


  12. I like to see doll collections that reflect the increasing diversity of our 1:1 scale society so I love your collection of Asian dolls and action figures. I also think Dominique must be kin the Garoul sisters the way she jumped in and claimed that leopard purse!

  13. DBG - Thanks. I didn't realize how much they had grown until this post. I better be careful. They may start demanding homes of their own.

    limbe dolls - I think you are right about Dominique. I'm just glad no one was holding the bag when she bum rushed the scene. My Asian dolls just looked at her and wondered where the Amazon lady came from.

  14. OMG, I love that kyori!!!! She's so gorgeous!!

  15. Rosetti - She is so much better in person. A real beauty.

  16. Your Asian community is huge! Looks good though. Those hand bags are too cute! Kyori is a beauty . Congrats on getting her.

  17. @Vanessa lololol and you know I want Chang and I already a Kyori and anyone is a must have! I must stop by your Asian Community to get some sauces!

  18. Megan - I did notice the "soother". I was happy to see it. We call them pacifiers here in the States. Thanks for the link and thanks again for everything. It will all be put to good use.

    Chynadoll - Thanks. My Asian community is silently taking over. Darius needs to meet with them and sell them some real estate. I know they are going to be looking for houses soon.

    EbonyNicole - I thought you were sleeping on Chang. My Asian ladies said stay away from their "sauces". I think they misunderstood your intentions. I don't know what they have heard about you over here, but the word it out.

  19. Hello from Spain: have many Asian dolls. I like. I have only two of those dolls. The Barbie fashinoista Raquell is Asian? I bought last week but did not know .. Your skin is very white. Kyori is precious. It has a very attractive face. what good is the new body to articles. I love the handbag collection. Congratulations on your purchase because when I looked at was more expensive than a Barbie. Congratulations and enjoy. Keep in touch.

  20. I'm drooling over Chang's younger brother, wow!

    Congratulations on the extra scores, very cool! Kyori is stunning, by the way. Can't wait to see them featured in future videos/stories.

  21. Tracy - I refer to Chang's younger brother as Ricko Suave. He just had that look to me. I have to give him a name. I have to give most of them names. As soon as I get the Asian Buffet built, you will see a number of them there.


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