Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Little Something for the Traditionalist

Just finished my new sofa.  I went totally traditional on this one, even adding a little fringe.  It is the perfect complement to those burgundy accent chairs.  Currently available in my Etsy shop for $55USD +shipping.

Here it is pictured with those lovely accent chairs.

Grace has stopped by to have tea with her mom.  (I have to give Grace a new body. That one is articulated only in the arms)


  1. They are totally beautiful Vanessa. I love the color choice.

  2. They look really good together. Love the fringe on the pillows. It is an excellent touch!

  3. Loretta - Thanks! I usually throw in something burgundy occassionally. Something very warm and inviting with that color.

    Ms. Leo - I had misplaced my fringe and somehow came across it last week, not that I was looking for it. I had been wanting to do a fringe pillow for a while. On to the next project.

  4. Gorgeous Vanessa! I am trying so hard to hold on to my $$ for convention, you are making it so hard. Lol!

  5. Georgia Girl - I will help you out. I will not sell you anything until after convention! This is the last of this fabric, however. LOL.


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