Monday, June 27, 2011

More Food....

So I decided on chicken drumsticks.  I figured it would be easy for the kids to handle.  Still potentially a little messy.  I also finished the celery and carrots.  They will be nicely displayed, probably with a couple more veggies.  Finally, crustless grilled cheese triangles. I knew I couldn't go wrong with this one.  But what a mess!  I will have to find a different technique to make these next time.  They were so sticky, I couldn't really handle them to do all the nice detail work.  But I know the kids will eat them, especially little Ms. Zahara.  I really should rename them my "Cheez Whiz" grilled sandwiches, because that's exactly what the cheese looks like.  Oh well. 

I may add a few more closeups later.  The lighting was not cooperating.


  1. Still a good job Vanessa. I love your creations.

  2. Your creativity and PATIENCE leaves me speechless! This food looks real!


  3. Loretta - Thanks sweetie!

    DBG - I am not even going to tell you what I am working on right now. As I am doing it, I am saying to myself..."This is ridiculous." But I am almost finished.

  4. ur food looks gorgeous and tasty . & one more question ... is that food going to be at the wedding . ? pleasee answerr .

    1. Lexus - Yes there will be food at the wedding reception.


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