Monday, June 6, 2011

Lydia Wastes No Time Looking for a New Sofa for Darius

Right after leaving Darius' place, Lydia decides to stop by one of her favorite furniture stores.  She is anxious to get this project done.  She finds the perfect base sofa.  The throw pillows are cute, but they are the wrong color for Darius' place.  If he likes this one, she will order one special for him.  This particular one is available in my Etsy store for $55USD + shipping.

She likes that it comes with so many pillows.  Tons of versatility.

She is thinking about an interesting color scheme.

"I wonder if I can convince him on a different color scheme."

Lydia takes a few pictures for her design board.

This is what the sofa looks like on the inside.

Remove the two back pillows and you have a totally different look.

Here is a view from the back.


  1. I love Lydia, because I want to share the new sofa with her. I love Lydia.

  2. Very nice Vanessa as always!


  3. Thanks Vickey! Turns out I made two. One to sell and one to keep. Darius will really get his new sofa.


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