Thursday, June 16, 2011

Introducing Quentin, My Real Life Godson

Quentin is my 18yr old Godson.  He is the sweetest young man you would ever want to meet.  Definitely not the typical teenager.  He is the hardest working young man I know, and his hard work makes you want to work harder.  He is an accomplished football player, but he is also an A student.  He does daily devotions and takes time out for the little things.  Saturday, right after graduation, when most teens are wanting to party, he wanted to take me and his grandfather on a drive to the nearby lake, because it is one of his favorite places to relax.  On Sunday, his parents had his graduation party.  Hours before the party he was in the kitchen making chocolate graduation lollipops from the Wiltons molds, for his guest.  And last but not least, he did not leave the house or return home without finding me and giving me a hug.  What an amazing person!  He makes everyone around him feel special. 

This is the end of a long night at his graduation party.  I am looking a little tired by this time.

Quentin is headed to Rutgers on a full scholarship for Football.

Looking dapper for Prom.  He had a date and she was a beautiful young woman.  I just wanted the single picture of Quentin.

Quentin's Dad, brother Joseph (15yrs), brother Brandin (23yrs) and mom. 

These pictures were scanned in from paper copies, so the image quality is not that great.

This is a video Quentin made 2 yrs ago which gives a little glimpse into his workout.  He is the one in the orange shirt.  The other young gentleman is his cousin. It's a fairly long video, but 2-3 mins in and you will feel like working out.  Great motivation.


  1. And handsome AND talented! He is going to make a woman very happy someday!

  2. Dani - Sometimes I feel like God was playing an awful trick on me giving all the qualities I look for in a man to my Godson. When I went to visit him when he was 12, he fixed me a full breakfast. Some lady will be real lucky, because he is definitely going to treat her special.

  3. What a nice young man!

    Well, at least you can see a genuine speciman of "good guy." Courage. Someday ....

  4. D7ana - Next lifetime, maybe. Did you show your Joes what a genuinely good guy looks like? They need some lessons with all that bad behavior going on over there.

  5. You must have read my mind, Vanessa. I brought my Joes - all except Ian, our red fuzzy head who is the Intellectual Joe and Above the usual naughty-Joe nonsense - to the monitor. Look at this gentleman, I told them. You should behave so well.

    Well, they hrrumpted and rolled their eyes. Just let them set an example for that poor kid. He'd learn soon how women like to be handled.

    I am speechless. I told them I do not want to see them for some time. They strutted away as if they were pleased with themselves.

    Where did I go wrong? Could removing their guns have set them on such a path?

  6. D7ana - I say give them their guns back and lock them up in a small room with no food and water for a week.

  7. What a remarkable young man, indeed! I know his parents and you are very proud of Quentin. I'm proud of him, too! It's such a delight to read about determined young people... gives me hope for the future.

    Thanks for the introduction and ray of hope.


  8. DBG - He is such a bright light. He has an incredible drive and spirit and he is always trying to make those around him better. Occassionally you run across people and you are just in awe. He is one of those people. And just so humble.

  9. What a handsome and intelligent young godson you have. You and his parents must be sooo proud of him.

    I live only 12 miles away from Rutgers. My son went there. Got an excellent education! We will be looking for Quentin on the televised Rutgers football games.

    Just for your info, I work with a former New York Giants football player. He has been in our school for years as a permanent substitute. (This is his second career). He is a wonderful role model for our kids at school. If you want I could get his e-mail address for Quentin. If Quentin had any questions about football, school or anything, I know my co-worker would be happy to help him.

    The godmother is also looking good in the picture!

  10. Frannie - Thanks! You are such a gem! I would love to get his information to pass along to Quentin. I have plans to come to a few of those Rutgers games. I will be looking forward to meeting you when I venture into town. I may even bring Thrift Store money.

  11. Will get his e-mail address tomorrow and send it to your e-mail.

  12. Would love to see you if you get to come to one of his games! We can go thrifting for dolls when you are here!

  13. Vanessa no joke, he looks like you very much! Are you sure that's not your son? lolol

  14. EbonyNicole - Funny you should say that. He looks more like me than his real mom. I will post a picture of his family to the blog post. His dad and mom are on both ends and his 2 brothers are in the back. The tallest boy on the left is his younger 15yr old brother. His older brother is 23yrs old.

  15. LOL @ Vanessa's comment:

    D7ana - I say give them their guns back and lock them up in a small room with no food and water for a week.

    June 16, 2011 2:18 PM

    End quote

    The guys are rolling on the floor again. They say "She's a card."

  16. Thanks for posting about such an inspirational example of young manhood. D7ana's Joe's may not have taken the lesson to heart but other young brothers are watching and will model themselves after the genuine article.

  17. limbe dolls - Thanks. He has been an awesome role model. He loves working with kids, too.

  18. Fresh Garden - Thanks. He is the complete package.


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