Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Storylines Have Been Named.

If you notice, the look of the blog has changed a wee bit.  Near the top you will see tabs with names.  Well these names represent the 5 different groups and the names of their storylines.  I thank all of those that gave suggestions.  I brainstormed for about 6 hours over the 4 day vacation.  I wrote down all the names that were suggested.  Then I researched all the TV shows from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today.  There were some good ones.  Then I used the thesaurus to add more names to the list.  I was very tempted to use names that were tied to some of my favorite shows like "Living Single", "Married with Children", "The Wonder Years".  I decided against any name that was tied to a show.  I didn't want anyone coming to me saying I had infringed on any copyrights.  I also took note that some of the show names were very simple like "Amen", "Dallas", and "Girlfriends".  So after much deliberation, I settled on the following, for now.

The Group               The Storyline Name
The Families             Family Life
The Elite                   Generations  (directly from William)
Young and Gifted     SISterly Love  (they are not the SIS girls, but they
                                wil be the ones that are "So In Style" and they
                                are Sisters in Spirit.
The Dreamers          Studio Dreams (all creative types have studios,
                                so it encompasses all the artforms)
The Bikers               The Riders

All of the videos associated with each group will be easily assessed by clicking on the appropriate tab.  Sometimes if there are multiple groups in the storyline, I will choose the best fit.

Since I used all of your suggestions to get to the final names, I've decided to offer everyone who made suggestions the prize.  You get to choose from 15% off an item in my Etsy store or Dollpages, good for one year, OR a free pizza that will be delivered by the end of this month.  I have the following people on the list, William, Georgia Girl, Hailey, D7ana, and Fresh Garden.  Please send me an email, with your preference.  That beautiful creme linen sofa is still available and so is Top Model Nikki!


  1. Love the new look! It may be my computer, but your new post is not coming up on my blog list. I'm just home for lunch, so I will check again after work to see if your site is updated.

  2. Never mind, refresh about 2 times and it finally appeared! Can't wait to get home after work and read all about the families.

  3. Aw, thanks, Vanessa. I participated because I am nosy, lol. Love the lean look and the new header. (I have sooo got to overhaul my site.)

    Oh, that pizza looks sooo good. My Joes are smacking their lips ;-D Their decision would be pizza. I'm still pondering though ....

  4. I have to agree the pizza looks yummie! Thank you vanessa for this fun contest!!

  5. D7ana - Sometimes nosy pays good dividends. Did you say you were smacking your Joes? Go for it.

  6. william - send me your address to my email address.

  7. The blog looks great! Thanks Vanessa, I will take the 15 percent. Will it be good until June 2012? I have to save my change for Wu Con lol! Vanessa, do you do commissions using buyer's fabric..could I provide my own fabric? I bought some nice fabric from Joanns that would be fab for a sofa.

  8. Georgia Girl - Yes it will be good through June 2012. Send me your email address to and I will send you the coupon code.

  9. Georgia Girl - Missed the fabric question. Yes I will consider using a buyer's fabric if it is decorator quality versus fashion quality.

  10. LOL, I almost missed your question, Vanessa. No, I wasn't smacking my Joes. They extended their bottoms to me and while I would have done so, I didn't want to give them any joy ;-D

    I know what I want. Promise the Joes will not have any.


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