Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Distinguished Ladies of the Armed Services

I have been meaning to share these ladies in a tribute to our Armed Services, but I have always missed the opportunity.  After seeing Ms. Leo's post about her acquiring the AA Aviator Barbie yesterday, I decided to share them today. Believe it or not they are still boxed.  I have considered selling them as a set, because I think they are an awesome group.  I also considered giving them to real women who serve or have served in the Armed Services.  My best friend graduated from the Air Force Academy.  Quite a feat for a 5"3", 100 lber (on a good day) African-American woman. I wanted to give her my Air Force doll.  Wouldn't you know it, that is the only that is not African-American.  Just as well, she hates Barbie.  I also haven't deboxed them, because I would like to use them in their current state, as Armed Services women. I want to honor them.  The opportunity to do so just hasn't arrived yet.  But I feel confident that when the time comes, I will know what to do with them.  Hey! I just remembered that I have a President Obama doll! Uh oh, I can see a glimmer of a story forming.  Something with him honoring these ladies....   Hmmm.  I will have to just let it take shape.  Wow, that was quick.  I have to go do some research, because I don't know enough about the Armed Services to do them justice.

I have six total.

AA Aviator

AA Paratrooper

AA Marine Corps

AA Naval

Air Force

AA Army


  1. Interesting dolls. I saw some of them earlier, but could never imagine, there were so many of them. I like the first and the second most of all. They both seem to have Asha mold faces and jointed bodies.

  2. Dukasha - I agree that those two are the prettiest. But I like all the uniforms, most of all.

    I thought of you last night because I got my first furniture order from Russia. I was so excited to think that something I created will be in Russia soon.

  3. I don't have any of these Barbies. :(
    I just love the Aviator! Will have to do some hunting around for at least one, or maybe two of these fine ladies!

  4. I love seeing people in uniform. Men and women. I still thimk they may just stay in their boxes. I just like looking at them.

  5. Cool collection!

    I have some that I love seeing boxed. Don't want to muss them up ;-D

  6. The uniforms are also beautiful, but I'm afraid I understand nothing in such things. But it is very good, that there are collectors, who do. I usually see just the doll, not the clothes.

    Just the first order from Russia? Hmm. Our doll collectors also like beautifiul doll furniture, but maybe most of them don't know about you. Besides, such beautiful and well-made firniture is rather expensive and shipping to Russia is expensive also, so many Russian doll collectors just can't afford it. But I'm also glad that somebody in Russia will have your furniture. :) And the most pleasant thing for me is that you agree to ship to Russia, because some sellers don't, and it's always so distressing for us...

  7. D7ana - Thanks.

    Dukasha - It's so great getting the perspective of someone outside of the United States. Chances are you know very little, if anything about our military. We pay homage to our men and women of service whenever possible. I bought these dolls soley because of their uniforms and what they stand for. I started shipping internationally late last year. Had to get over the initial fear that I would do something wrong. So far so good.

  8. Very nice collection of military girls! I have only a few but i did debox them. I love the girl in the jumpsuite i believe she is the fighter pilot.

  9. William - Thanks. If I only had a couple, they would probably be deboxed, too. As it stands now, I have way too many deboxed dolls hanging out in my studio with no where to do. I need to start a new trend called "Reboxing". LOL. There is plenty of room on the shelves in the basement.

  10. I had the Aviator and a Caucasian Paratrooper. I sold the dolls but kept the clothing. As I'm an Air Force woman too, I just love these dolls!

    1. V. - I love the bodies on these dolls. My best friend graduated from the Air Force Academy,and my first love went to the Air Force, so it's my favorite branch of the service.


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