Friday, March 9, 2012

Rod and Danielle Sample Cakes

In the previous post I introduced the Morettis.  This is the tasting room of Amore, Penelope's bakery. She being of Spanish descent and her husband of Italian descent, they thought the name Amore, meaning love, was perfect.  The Spanish word for love is amor and the Italian word is amore.  Everything she bakes and everything they do, they try to do with love.

"Hello, hello.  Come in.  I was just about to turn on the coffee.  Hello Adele.  This must be the happy couple."  (Penelope)
"Hi, Penelope. Yes, this is Roderick and Danielle." (Adele)
"So nice to meet you two.  Congratulations!  Well come in and have a seat.  Let me run and get your file." (Penelope)

"Okay. I must say you have a wonderful wedding planner.  She is very thorough and a pleasure to work with."  (Penelope)
"She has been my lifesaver through this whole process." (Danielle)
"Based on the conversations Adele and I had, I selected four different flavors for you to choose from.  Today, we just need to decide which flavor or flavors you want incorporated into your cake.  So if there aren't any questions, I will run and get the cakes." (Penelope)

"I hope you guys brought your appetites with you." (Penelope)

"Oh my.  I think I just gained a pound."  (Danielle)

"Adele are you sure you only want to sample the one piece?" (Danielle)
"I am very sure.  I can't fit into my clothes as it is." (Adele)

"So what I prepared are four different cakes.  We have what I call strawberry shortcake.  This is regular yellow cake with a strawberry jam filling and white icing that is light and fluffy like cool whip, but it won't melt like cool whip.  Next is the traditional marbled cake, with a secret ingredient.  This can come with a layer of chocolate icing just under the traditional white icing.  Third we have the red velvet cake, which can be a crowd pleaser.  Last but not least I added German chocolate cake.  This is not your traditional wedding cake, but I know it's a favorite of Rod's"  (Penelope)

"Ok honey.  What do you want to taste first?" (Rod)
"That red velvet is calling my name." (Danielle)
"Hmmm.  That is incredible.  Try some and tell me what you think." (Danielle)
Meanwhile, little Sydney has become a little impatient.

"Sydney Marie!" (Adele in her stern voice)

"What do you think you are doing?" (Adele)

Rod and Danielle are happily continuing with the taste testing.  It might be harder than they originally thought to choose the perfect cake.

"Honey, you have a little chocolate on your face." (Danielle)
"Well what are you waiting for.  Take it off." (Rod)
"Might not be safe for me to do that.  You better use your napkin." (Danielle)
"Hmmm.  You are probably right." (Rod)

"Did you think I wasn't going to give you any cake?  You little cake snatcher." (Adele)

"That is something my twins would do.  Say mommy, "I just couldn't wait,"" (Penelope, chuckling)

"I guess I should have known better.  Anything within their reach is fair game to them." (Adele)

"Did you say you had twins?" (Adele)
"Yes, two year olds, Lola and Lanzo. " (Penelope)
"I can't even imagine." (Adele)

Rod and Danielle are in their own little world.  I can't hear what they are saying.  I would like to think they are still talking about cake, but I doubt it.  I don't know what Penelope put in those cakes.  Maybe it's just all of that chocolate and sugar.

Penelope turns her attention back to Rod and Danielle and tries to help them make a decision. They end up selecting three, a different flavor on each layer.  The German chocolate cake did not make the wedding cake.  Don't worry.  It was so good, they bought one from her shop to take home with them.  Maybe Danielle will feel safer at home with Rod and the German chocolate cake. 

If you would like to enjoy your own piece of sample cake, you can find them in my Etsy store.  .  


  1. Sydney's cake-snatching is very cute and true to life. I also love Danielle's dress.

    1. limbe dolls - Danielle's dress is from the Cynthia Rowley doll a few years back. If I were Sydney, I would have snatched some cake, too.

  2. You have a very nice doll.

  3. hehehe, I love the messy face shot XD

    ... uhm... and I want to go sample cakes too!!!

    1. Heather - Thanks. I wouldn't mind sampling some cake myself. I did have red velvet cupcakes a couple of weeks ago. Hmmm. Hmmm. good.

  4. They bakery is really cute and the sign worked out perfectly. I love the little cake snatcher too. Really cute story. You are going to make me want cake now!!

  5. Brini - Thanks! At least Antoinette gave you a real recipe for a healthy version of cake. That's the best I can do for now.

  6. Mmmmm! Cake! I really like the cake in the face! Really cute! I wonder how rod wanted danielle to get the cake of his face! (giggles)

  7. william - Better yet, I wonder how Danielle wanted to get the cake off his face. He didn't even have cake on his face, so she was either fibbing, or just messing with him. Who knows? I just shoot the pictures. Other than that, I stay out of it.

  8. Hello from Spain: Shelly I love the dress typical of Spain. Moretti Penelope is very pretty and she has a very attractive husband. They are an ideal family. With reference to this post I love the room. The white furniture is very nice. The pink bag I like. The girl eating cake is adorable. I love imitating glass cups. It is perfect. your cakes are very real. Keep in touch.

  9. The tasting room is beautiful. I love Danielle's dress. And Sydney is just a little cutie pie. :) The cakes look delicious. Their wedding cake is going to be great!

  10. Marta - Thanks! I did think of you as I was creating my Spanish Italian family. I am happy to finally put get these two little ones a permanent home.

  11. The Tasting Room came out perfect! Love the sign!
    I would have chosen the German Chocolate Cake, but that is my weakness. The cakes came out great!

  12. Alura - Thanks. I wish I was a genie so I could snap my fingers and have the cake and the tux completed already.

    Frannie - Thanks. They couldn't wait for the wedding to get some more of the German chocolate cake. It was just too good. Sometimes the way to a man's heart is German chocolate cake. LOL!

  13. Great story. I like Penelope's dress.

  14. mustiwait - Thanks! That dress is the new dress I bought last Sunday that came on the LIV Danielle Spa Doll I found in Ross'

  15. Nice story! I can really feel the love between Rod and Danielle. You portray it so well. The cake snatcher is too cute! Lol!

    1. Georgia Girl - Thanks! Those two took my story in a total different direction. I imagined they would be a lot more playful with the cake testing. We see that didn't happen

  16. I swear, every time Rod and Danielle are together, it's like you can feel the heat between them. He's an intense guy without it being creepy, you know?

    1. Hey It's Muff - I know! I always wait to see what the shots are going to look like before I write anything. I never stage a shot for a script. I take what I get. I wasn't even expecting them to get all romantic at the tasting. In my mind they were going to have more fun with it. Rod's hand being on Danielle's arm just happened like that. And you know those two can look at each other like no one's business. So they took it the romantic route. Oh well. Can't say I don't blame them.


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