Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Doll Purchases

I know.  I know.  It was just last week when I professed that I was done doll shopping for awhile.  Well apparently awhile meant about a week.  You can blame Hey It's Muff.  She blogged about some pens she bought from Big Lots and reminded me of the 20% off sale this weekend.  I decided to go to a Big Lots about 40 mins away near my sister-in-law's house.  I picked her up and off we went.  I got two packs of the pens then pretended like I wasn't going to the toy department.  LOL!  When I got there I picked up 3 dolls.  A PowerTeam guy, and 2 Denim Basic dolls; Barbie #1 and Ken #16.  I talked myself out of both Basic dolls.  They weren't on the list and the clothes weren't calling out to me.   We went to an herb shop about 20 mins from the Big Lots.  You will not believe what was sitting in the window being raffled off!  A totally stunning redressed Barbie Basics #1.  The doll was gorgeouss!  The jewelry.  The outfit.  The hair.  All stunning!  The herb shop was closed, so I just sat there at the window questioning my decision to leave Barbie Basics #1 at the store.  I saw this as a sign.  I have never seen a Barbie in an herb shop before.  So of all days and all the herb shops, we picked that one.  I immediately wanted to go get her, but with my sister-in-law in tow, I had to keep my crazy in check.  I hinted around at the idea, but she didn't bite.

So we continued on to the next store.  I must admit, I punched Big Lots in the GPS when we got in the car to see if one was close.  Not close enough.  When we got to our last stop, Cost Plus, I was happy to see that it was in a shopping center with Marshall's, TJMaxx Home Goods and Ross.  I still had that Barbie Basic on my mind and figured I would check those stores to see if she was there....and cheaper than $10.  Nothing at Marshalls.  Nothing at TJ.  Ross is the last stop.  No Barbie Basic dolls, but they did have the black jacket accessory pack for $6.  I picked that up and a Harley Davidson motorcycle that was marked $13.  Not thrilled at all about the price of the bike and I wasn't sure if it was big enough.  But the thought of me leaving it in the store and then regretting that decision again, made me keep it in hand.  Off to find my sister-in-law, who was in the handbag department.  As I am getting closer to the handbags, I notice a bin near the linens.  This bin is full of dolls!  Jackpot!  No Barbie Basics, but LIV dolls.  This bin is a mile away from the toy department.  Why do they do that?  You mean from now on I can't do my normal beeline to the toy department?  I now have to meander through the stores to see if some bright person decided to  put dolls in some off location?  I know there is a marketing reason for doing something like this, but they are missing out on those of us who just go to the department we are interested in.

So here is my new PowerTeam guy.  I didn't pay a lot of attention to him in the store.  I saw that he was okay looking and he had real hands.  Once I got him home, I realized he has an Asian feel about him, so he will be the husband to the Pediatrician, Mari's dad, and the brother to the other Papa.  Do you see that cool vest and hat.  Rod will be sporting that on a future fishing trip.  It's perfect!

I already have this set, but can you really pass up $5.99?

So this was the first LIV doll I saw in the bin.  I picked her up and put her down.  I always liked these cute outfits, but I have a box of newly purchased LIV dolls in the studio.  Don't ask.  Ok, it was the $3 -$6 LIV blowout at Target a few weeks ago.  They haven't made it out the box yet.

Then I saw this one.  She didn't look familiar at all.  "Lift to Open".  That's what the box said.  I did.

Ooooh  weee!  The spa doll.  Didn't these dolls just come out not too long ago?  All of a sudden, $9.99 was looking really good. 

This little dress is the cutest!

You know who's getting this robe.  Danielle, of course!

For those of you not familiar with the spa dolls.  You can change their eye shadow color, their nail color, and their hair streak color.  Makes me want to keep her in tact and play with her as is.  I may do that until I need her body.  

I looked back in the bin and saw another spa doll I hadn't noticed.  She's wearing a cute little nightgown. 

 I only have one doll whose name starts with an "S" and that is Sylvia.   So she may get the robe, unless one of the new nameless characters gets an "S" name.

By the way, after deciding to get both Spa dolls, I also decided to get the first LIV doll I saw and put back. I did at least put back the motorcycle, with no regrets.  I have two here already that have yet to be used.

So, the moral of the story is.....  I don't have a clue.  I broke one of my rules.  "Buy now, ask questions later."  Had I done that, I would have had the Barbie Basics #1 and I wouldn't have had the crazed "I got to find this doll" feeling again.  I could have just driven back to the Big Lots and bought her, but I hate backtracking.  Of course, if I had done that, I wouldn't have run across the LIV dolls.  So maybe the whole end result was to find the LIV dolls.  I stand by a statement I say all the time.  I have never regretted buying a doll, I've only regretted not buying a doll.  With that said, I suspect my doll buying is still not over.  


  1. Hello from Spain: I identify with your approach. I never regretted buying a doll. Yes I regretted not buy the doll. Congratulations on your purchases. LIV know that I love their clothes and accessories. Barbie's clothes are very cheap basic in your country. I look forward to in the Barbie clothes.
    In the otrher entry, I love the shirt Julian bat. It is very original. I also like to choose the design Dominique Chanel. It's my favorite outfits ever. The dialogues are very real. '' How good a husband does not return life to normal..'' keep in touch.

  2. Marta - Tis better to buy and return if necessary, than not buy at all. But doll addicts never return dolls to the store. LOL! The Basics are now in clearance mode everywhere, except Walmart. I plan to start on Dominique's wardrobe soon as possible. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Vanessa. The Basics (black dresses) are $5 and $7 at Marshalls andTJ Maxx. Hope this helps anyone who needs to complete their collection.
    Congrats on a fabulous shopping day! :)

  4. Veda - Thanks. In GA they showed up at those places over a month ago. I haven't seen them since then. I'm sure people have been snatching them up for ebay.

  5. LOL, now how you gonna blame me for your dolly thirst? I cant be held responsible for that! I've not seen that Power Team guy before. Is he wearing demin pants? I'm going to have to find him. See... I've got my own addiction to worry about.

  6. Hey It's Muff - Oh no. I wasn't blaming you for my addiction. Just for getting me to the Big Lots. I take full responsibility for my dolly addiction. I think the pants are denim-like. Good luck on your search.

  7. Sooo funny Vanessa! I was at Ross last night after a long day at work looking at those exact same Liv dolls. I ended up not buying any after much debating with myself. I need a Daniela body, but I want to find one with some cute clothes and not just a bathing suit. They make the cutest clothes for these dolls. I wished I would have bought the Hayden doll, her shoes were killer!

  8. Great finds! I gave up buying dolls for Lent but we'll see how long that lasts. :-)

  9. mrscarissa - That is the reason I didn't buy those swimsuit dolls to begin with, but I like this as an outfit and since my Marisa doll is on a LIV body, she can wear this since she's young. We see what happens when I try to leave something in the store. Never again! LOL!

    limbe dolls - Giving up dolls for lent...I like that! You are so disciplined, I have no doubt you will do it.

  10. I went to Ross today and found nothing doll related but I did get my a pair of Nikes and two suits. I'm going to stop by Big lots, Walmart and Target on Thursday I hope I have some luck. You found some great things I could use over here in Dotsville.

  11. Brini - I was in a different Ross today and they had a bin full of LIV stuff near the linens, too. Maybe the LIV people said they didn't want to be in the toy section.

  12. Due to this post, I found myself in Ross today! In fact, two of them. I did purchase a liv doll, but it was the motorcycle that I was after. Yay, I found a red one! It's perfect! What's not so perfect is that I found a purse, 2 pairs of sandals, a summer dress, and two dresses for my neice....apparently I have too many addictions! Lol

  13. veda - LOL! Glad you found your motorcycle. As for the clothes,at least it's Ross and the prices are good.

  14. I am inspired by you, and i posted a comment on youtube last night - and you replied! I posted ' I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE MY IDOL! XX' LOL! I scare myself sometimes! :D

    1. EmoLilKidz - I am glad that I can be an inspiration.


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