Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy Saturday at Debbie's Design Shop

It's the typical busy Saturday at "Simply Handmade".  Although Debbie schedules most of her appointments during the week, she still has a full schedule on Saturday with clients who can't get there any other time.  First client of the day is Dominique.

After several conversations on the phone, Debbie and Dominique are finally meeting in person.
"Well it's good to finally meet you." (Debbie)
"Same here.  I am excited to see what you have to offer.  As you can see, I am not an 'off-the-rack' girl, and finding clothes in this town that fit have been a challenge, to say the least." (Dominique)
"Well, you're beautiful, and I'm looking forward to designing you the perfect wardrobe." (Debbie)

"Based on our conversations, I pulled a few designs to get your thoughts." (Debbie)

"Wow, this suit is beautiful.  I love the Chanel-like jacket.  It will also be nice to have some pants suits. " (Dominique)

"You know I love my animal prints.  I love the style, but I would like this a little dressier.  Right now, they look more like lounging outfits." (Dominique)

"Okay.  We can definitely make that happen." (Debbie)

After viewing the rest of the designs, Debbie lays them out on the cutting board so Dominique can decide which outfit she would like to proceed with.

"I think I would like to start with the Chanel-like pants suit.  So what's the next step?" (Dominique)
"Well we need to schedule a time when I can take your measurements.  At that time I will probably have fabric for you to see, as well." (Debbie)

Debbie and Dominique schedule their next meeting.  As they are finishing up, Debbie's next appointment has arrived.
"Hello Danielle.  Perfect timing.  We were just finishing up." (Debbie)
Everyone exchanges hellos.  Dominique scurries off for her next Saturday appointment, the hair dresser.  She is never thrilled about going to the hair salon on Saturday, but this time it just couldn't be helped.

Debbie and Danielle get down to business.
"So this is the cute tux, I need to replicate." (Debbie)
"Well, it doesn't have to be a replica.  That is what Jacob is wearing, but they don't have to match." (Danielle)
"Where is that darling Jacob?" (Debbie)
"Oh, grandma has him.  They are just down the street at the store, where I am sure she is catering to his every whim." (Danielle)
"That is what grandmothers are for." (Debbie, laughing)

"By the way, did you get your wedding invitation?" (Danielle)
"I sure did, and I was so excited, I already made my outfit.  I can't wait.  You are going to be a beautiful bride." (Debbie)
"I can't wait either.  I am so ready to get back to my normal life." (Danielle)
"You are getting married.  This means you will have a husband.  Which means your normal life is over." (Debbie)
"Well aren't you depressing today." (Danielle, laughing)
"Sorry.  Now back to this tux." (Debbie) 

"Julian, in order for me to make your tux, I am going to take your measurements.  Are you ticklish?" (Debbie)
"I don't think so." (Julian)
"Yes. He is very ticklish." (Danielle)
"Well, I will try to be quick.  We don't want you dying of laughter.  Oh and by the way, the bat man shirt is way cool."

All Julian can do is smile.  He is loving all the attention.  Danielle is excited to have one more thing on her list being worked on.  


  1. It was fun reading your post. You have a lovely collections of dolls.
    Thank you so much for following my blog. I don't sew and admire the way you design and make these tiny fashionaly cloths.

  2. Drora's minimundo - Thanks! My collection of dolls seems to keep growing even though I have vowed to stop buying dolls. They are so addictive. I will be working on my miniature house soon. So I will be scouring your blog for ideas once I start.

  3. Debbie was very busy with two very different clients. Dominique is very business like, straight forward, and doesn't bite her tongue. Danielle is more laid back, easy going, and probably easier to please, which are probably qualities Rod loves about her.


    1. DBG - What is it about those FR girls? They all seem a little intimidating. It must be the extra 1 1/2ins. Danielle used to be all business, too. It was interesting to see her transformation in their video. She has learned to relax a lot more.

  4. Oh my goodness I want Julian's Batman shirt!! Where did you get it?? So cute!!! (^_^)

    1. Cat - I bought the Batman outfit from Etsy from a shop called nubanded. It had a shirt, pants, and a batman hat. It was made for a Lati Yellow doll. I bought it for Jacob, but it was way too big. It's too big for Julian, too. The hat is about the size of a LIV doll. Just kidding, but it is too big for any of my fashion dolls.

  5. The Batman shirt is adorable. Waiting to hear where you got it from ... or did you create it? Way to go!

    I LOVE Julian stories. I mean stories where Julian appears. He's so incredibly cute. Without being puke-y ;-)

    1. D7ana - Can you imagine Julian dressed up at the wedding! I'm sure he is going to be a mess. Batman info is up above.

  6. Nice story. I agree with D7ana, I adore Julian and love it when he appear. He is so cute! I love the setup of Simply Handmade.

    1. Georgia Girl - Thanks. her shop is small and simple but highly functional. When the mood hits, I will add other accessories, like fabric, thread, patterns, etc.

  7. Enjoyed the story. Did you do the drawings?

    1. limbe dolls - Thanks. No those are pictures copied from an Ashro sales magazine.

  8. Julian is quite the scene stealer. This dio is great. I like seeing dolls at work.

  9. Awwww...that Julian is a little doll. I'm getting so excited for the big day and seeing Julian all dressed up in his little man tux. (Note to self: have box of kleenex ready and wear waterproof mascara for the big day.)

  10. Hey It's Muff - I can always count on Julian to get the ladies, young and old smiling. I would not only like to see my dolls at work, I would like to see them do some work. If only. A sistah could use some help over here. It's getting crazy!

  11. Debbie - I will be excited once the tux and the cake are done. I really need to get those two things out the way. Yes, I imagine there will be lots of tears at the wedding. I will try to make sure you have kleenex in your little clutch

  12. I love julians batman shirt were did u get


    1. Elijah - I bought the Batman outfit from Etsy from a shop called Nubanded.


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