Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Doll Related: Loving Google Offers; Video Coming Soon

It's been about 2 months since I since I signed up for Google Offers.  This is a service that emails you daily discounted offers based on your personal interests.  There are other services like this as well.  I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up, but I have been pleasantly surprised.  Most of the offers are 50 - 60% off the normal price.  Most of the offers that have appeared are food related.  Go figure.  I must have said I like to eat when I selected my interests.  LOL!  But occasionally I get an email about something really fantastic.  The kind of activities you would only find on someone's "Ultimate To Do List (UTDL)".  For instance, last month I received an offer for Hot Air Ballooning.  When I saw it, it momentarily took my breath away.  The price was really good and it was pretty close by.  Who knew?  BUT, Hot Air Ballooning is not on my UTDL.  Skydiving and Hang Gliding are!  So if those every show up, I am soooo there.

Guess what showed up this morning?
Nascar Racing Experience $199 for a three-hour driving experience ($399.99 value) 

  •   Drive an authentic NASCAR race car 

 •   5-minute timed racing session 
 •   Drive by yourself—no lead car to follow 
 •   In-car radio communications 
 •   Use at locations nationwide 

No, this isn't on my list either.  But could you imagine!  This Google Offer system really gets you thinking.  It also lets you know of some incredible things that are happening right in your neighborhood.  I am really considering expanding my list.  

So far I have only purchased one offer.  It is to a Tea House here in Roswell.  They have over 100 different varieties of tea.  The offer is for unlimited tea and you are served a 3 tier plate with scones, cucumber sandwiches, and some other type of pastries.  The normal price is $24.  The Google price was $9.  Can't beat that.  I was planning to go this week, but I may push it off until next week.  I will feel like some of  my dollies sitting there sipping tea and eating cucumber sandwiches.  This was on my list and thanks to Google Offers, I will be able to cross something else off the UTDL!

Just thought I would share in case anyone is interested in expanding their horizon.  Sign up for the emails is free.  

I shot a video last night and it's almost ready!!!  Should be up at the latest, tomorrow.


  1. Hello from Spain: I like the idea that Morristown has a new nursery. In Spain there are waiting lists to target the baby in daycare. There are very few. Yours is beautiful. It has all kinds of details ideals. I like the toy castle. The little monsters are beautiful too. The chest of drawers I love colors. Is it Mattel? It seems very nice. Yesterday I wanted to leave a comment on the blog and I failed. I left the computer. There are more blogs in which I could not write. I do not know how to fix the problem. If you know any solution let me know. I sent an email congratulating the church. It's awesome. I do not know if you received it. Anyway, a very well done. I'm looking forward to seeing the new video. Very good idea what to sign up to offers google. Keep in touch.

    1. Marta - There are some strange things happening with Blogger as they are updating the software. If you continue to have problems, check the "Blogger Help". I've had to go there recently for answers. Thanks for your comments. Hard to believe daycares are sparse in Spain. What do people do with their kids?

  2. Hmmm...I probably will mow go to sign up for it :)

    1. Verona - It's so much fun to see what pops up every morning. I branched out and signed up for the 'adventure' category, too. I hope to one day take advantage of one of those 'never thought I would' offers.

  3. This looks like great fun but it's not available in Australia. Maybe I'll be able to sign up in the future. Enjoy your adventures


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