Saturday, November 19, 2011

Houston, We Have a Hotel and A Wedding Planner

Do you guys remember when I bought this?  It was November 2010.  I bought it for $5 from the doll show.  It just happened to be from the same woman I bought the airplane from this year.  This has been sitting in the corner waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. 

Well, I decided to turn it into a hotel room.  I can't have people jetsetting across the country without a place to stay.

I plan to fix it up a bit.  I'll make some nice bedding.

Add some towels and toiletries.

There are so many different ways I can set this up.  I can put a little sitting area in front of the bed.  I can put a little round table or a desk in front.  I can hang a little chandelier over the bed.  I can even install mirrors on top of the bed. 

Meet Adele.  I have been waiting on her arrival for her to get this wedding going.  Initially, she was going to just be a wedding planner that Danielle hires.

I think she will still handle the wedding planning, but I've decided to make her one of Danielle's close friends that she grew up with.

She has a daughter, named Sydney.  Right now she is a stay at home mom, at least for another year.  She is not at all thrilled about it.  She loves her daughter, but she would be lying if she didn't admit that she was looking forward to getting back to work.

They currently live in Chicago, but her husband's job is relocating to the Maryland area in the next six months.  She and Sydney will be spending time in the area, trying to figure out where to live.  She will also be trying to secure a teaching position for the 2013 school year.

For those needing a Darius fix...

The hotel will be a traveling hotel. So when Darius and Nikki hit the slopes in Aspen, they too will be staying in the hotel room.

As you can see, they are doing quite well even though they haven't had much camera time lately.

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  1. EbonyNicole - Wow that was quick. I just hit the publish button. There are so many Adeles that I have fallen in love with. I am glad to have one in my stories. She will make the perfect wedding planner. You can tell she is a "get it done" type of person.

  2. Adele is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with the hotel.

  3. Adele will make a perfect wedding planner. She looks very detail oriented.

    I can't wait to see what you do with the hotel room. Will is remain pink?


  4. limbe dolls - Isn't Adele a beauty? I'm so glad that she is here. Whatever I do to the hotel needs to happen quickly, because Adele will be checking in soon. It probably won't be too fancy starting off, but will get better as time goes on.

  5. Love Adele! She is the perfect choice for the Wedding Planner. When will we be meeting Adele's husband? The hotel idea is awesome!

  6. DBG - Doesn't she have the look of a "list person", who enjoys crossing things off the list? I was on the fence about leaving the hotel pink. Removing all of those stickers in order to paint it, wasn't so appealing. BUT, I can't see it staying pink for long. If I have primer in the garage, it may not even make it through tomorrow being pink.

    Frannie - Adele's husband was actually on the buy list before I even knew I needed to have a husband for Adele. That purchase slipped a bit and won't happen until next week. So I imagine you may see him within 2 weeks. If he gets here and they don't work well together, I will have to come up with some other bright idea. The hotel idea will also allow me to get the groups together. The hotel room in Morristown will be in the the hotel that Nikki manages.

  7. The hotel marks sort of an anniversary for me then. That's the month I came across your blog and started following. It's one of the first posts I remember from you. And then came those fabulous videos. I remember the feeling of excitement because the majority of the doll collectors I'd seen really weren't doing any photo stories, and that's what I wanted to see. Not only were you doing stories but videos...I was stoked.

    Now, on to Adele...I LOVE the idea of her being a wedding planner! She brings class, so I know that wedding is going to be beautiful. I also have a confession, I'm so glad to see you get another doll, LOL. It always makes me feel better when the people I follow post a new doll, that's how I rationalize another purchase. :)

    Always love to see Darius and Nikki, they're a HOT couple! Can't wait to see more of them with their friends too, lovin' the Monte Carlo Barbie.

    Do you have a guy already for Adele or one on the way? Can't wait for the next post!

  8. Tracy - Happy Anniversary! Time sure is flying. For the past year it's been wonderful reading your comments. You always made me feel really good about what I was doing. You also had a way of keeping me under pressure. You have done it again with your comment about Adele and her making the wedding beautiful. Now I have to go to extra lengths to make sure it lives up to what Adele would put together. Thanks a lot, Tracy! LOL! You have done it to me all year long, so I am used to it now, but I still feel the added pressure.

    So when I bought 14 or so dolls a couple of weeks ago, you must have been thrilled! I had planned Adele's purchase for over a month. Got a really good deal on her, and since she is the last sculpt with that mold, I justified buying her and am really glad that I did.

    I do have a husband in mind for Adele. Hope to have him her in two weeks, if I can hold out on buying the BB 3.0s and accessory packs a litle while longer.

    You will get to see a few people in the next video. I am excited because I think it is a great mix of dolls. I'm going to bed early, so I can get up fresh and energized for video making.

  9. Love Adele. Great choice for the wedding planner. Can't wait to see the transformation of the hotel. Great idea!

  10. Chynadoll - Thanks. Adele will be whipping that wedding party into shape.

  11. Love this! Can't go wrong with pink!! :)

  12. Congrats on Adele, she does look detailed oriented. She is a perfect planner. I have the same structure too. I used it for a B&B. See, you have ideals for it already!!

  13. brini - The B&B idea was a good one. Funny story, when my husband and I went on our honeymoon in Toronto, he reserved a B&B. I was upset. I wanted to be in a luxurious hotel. I can appreciate a B&B now. Not at 26. So mine will definitely not be a B&B. Too many bad memories.

  14. Congrat on Adele, she does look detailed oriented. I have the same structure, it will be used as a B&B that my girl Crystal Barbie owns and manages with her husband--whom I'm still working on. It is funny how things come together.

  15. What a great find! I can't wait to see it transformed. What paint and primer do you use on hard plastic Barbie structures? Wandy

  16. Wandy - Hi darling. I am the last person to ask about painting. I am spray paint challenged. Typically I am not patient enough to use primer, but I've decided to try just a spray paint primer to see if I can get better results. I heard the best spray paint to use is the Krylon Fusion Paint. You don't need a primer if you use that one. I am trying to use up some of the cheaper paint I have first. Thanks so much for visiting.

  17. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in action. Wait, I didn't mean that to sound dirty.

    By the way I've had great success with Krylon for Plastic. No primer needed!

  18. Vta Plastica - Thanks. My mind didn't go there, surprisingly. Yes, I figured the Krylon was best. I just have too much paint to get rid of before I buy more, so I'm improvising.

  19. Oh, you have OHC Sydney doll. I'm still hesitating to buy OHC dolls, but if I do it at last, Kayla Rae and Sydney will be the first. Unfortunately they are rare on eBay and I've never saw the set "Big Sister - Li'l Sister" there. I like that set with Kayla and Sydney, they look so nice together.

  20. Dukasha - When I bought Sydney, I also bought the Asian big sister, little sister, combo. The OHC dolls are the best to play with. The realistic poses they can get into is priceless when it comes to doing stories and videos.

  21. I like the Asian sisters too, but they are also rare on eBay. There are not many those "big sister - little sister" sets there. I know they are available online in some shops in US, but those shops usually don't ship their items to Russia.


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