Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yesterday I went to Big Lots. Big Mistake. Huge!

So, yesterday I had to travel about an hour out of my area.  I decided to visit the one Big Lots in town.  Who knows, maybe there will be some AA PowerTeam guys lurking about.  I also wanted to check if they had the Justin Bieber doll that I had seen at a few other Big Lots.   

Justin was there.  They had 4 different versions and I liked this face best of all. 

They also had a few BFC dolls.  I had passed on this set about 5 months ago, but was very happy to see it again.  They are not much bigger than the Only Heart dolls, so I am making them 11 or 12 yr old twins.

I had seen this PowerTeam guy when I went on my last Big Lots rampage. Didn't get him at the time, but after going to 6 stores and realizing that the pickings were very slim, I wished I had gotten him, too.  So I grabbed him when I saw him this time.  I couldn't believe that they had the exact same 4 PowerTeam guys that were available in my area. Oh well.

Together they make up part of my new Hispanic family.  They are my first official Hispanic family and I am glad they are on board.

This was one of the other guys that I had passed up several times before.  I always liked his look, but wasn't willing to spend money on him in the event I found another guy that I liked better.  This time I had a purpose in mind for him.  Not to mention, I think he is going to look nice redressed.

Remember my darling Kara and her daughter?  Well, I thought this guy would fit into this family.  I feel the little girl resembles him a little and they both have blue eyes.  I am thinking that he is the drummer or guitarist in Kara's band.  He already has a name.  It is Terry.  I think.

Speaking of Kara....I found this one on the bottom shelf, next to a Grace doll.  They were the only SIS dolls there.  How did I justify buying my third Kara doll? Well, I was going to buy the Mattel Design Your Own Doll (using the Kara head), because I loved the hair on that doll.  That would have cost me $30-$35 and I would have had a great Tshirt, other fashions that I wasn't interested in, and an unarticulated body.  So this was a better choice. I can always make her a custom Tshirt.  Look at me, saving money.   LOLOL!

The new video is just about finished and will be loaded by tomorrow.  Today I am headed to a doll show.  Good thing I paid the important bills already.  This could get ugly.  See you tomorrow.

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  1. I will be going to Big Lots today or tomorrow. I have 2 sets of those twins. I'll explain one day..LOL. I love the soldiers and my gloved guys share hands with others. I used to be able to find donors but they are few and far between these days.

    You follow my rule make sure the important bills are paid before shopping :O)

  2. Dollz4Moi - I think I am going to try to make those guys some hands, by making a mold of the hands, then using resin or clay to create the hands. In my mind, I think it will work, but won't know until I try it. My guys currently share hands, too.

  3. As long as you can account for some savings, lol.

    Love that reasoning about the 3rd Kara. Thumbs up.

    Thanks for sharing your shopping trip. It was almost as fun as going along ;-D

  4. Woman, you cleaned up! LOL!

    Have fun at the doll show.


  5. Ooh! Exciting! Can't wait! :-)

    And YAY! saving money!

  6. Oh, you are my Vanessa! Waiting to see what you create...know it will be awesome! Hugs!

  7. Love your finds! im seriously jealous because i have yet to find any world peace keepers or power teams in our big lots! Also i dont own a car so this sucks!! Anyway congrats on your finds!

  8. Hi, I see that the trip was used to buy you some interesting things. What envy. The doll Kara is very pretty and Justin Bieber very real. Congratulations on your day of shoppin. I want to go to your city because toys stores have many interesting things ... However, today I bought too a new fashionista: Sweetie. In a future into the show. We remain in contact blog blog

  9. Hello everyone! Thanks for viewing my dolly finds. I am back from the doll show and OH MY GOODNESS! It got ugly, just like I thought it would. I had to use some "but I'm saving so much money" reasoning again. The post about my trip will be up within the hour.

  10. Great finds! I stayed away from Big Lots today.

  11. Frannie - I wish I had stayed away.

  12. I like the Hispanic Power Team guy. The Big Lots I get to most often had the same four guys you mentioned. I hid him in the back but since I won't get back there for several weeks he may be gone by the time I show up there with money!

    If you figure out how to make replacement hands for the Power Team Guys, I bet they would sell like hotcakes in your Etsy store. I'd be first in line to buy some.

  13. mrscarissa - I think they will be even cuter is some regular clothes. I can't wait to debox them. But now there is so much to debox, I have to have a plan to organize before anyone can get out of their boxes.

  14. Will Justin beiber be coming to Morristown .


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