Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Psychiatrist Has Finally Arrived

A comment from EbonyNicole yesterday reminded me that I needed to get the psychiatrist on board, quickly.  We've needed her expertise for some months now.  With my recent acquistion of dolls, I think I have everyone that I need to complete Morristown.

Meet Tina, The Psychiatrist.
Mom to Shantavia (Trichelle) and Nana to Jada

"I like your new place".
"Thanks, mom.  You need to come help me decorate one day."

"As soon as I get a breather, I will come help.  My schedule has been crazy.  This economy has people so stressed out, but at least they are seeking help".

"Well, mom why don't you come out with me this weekend.  Kara and
Chris are going to be performing at the new jazz club."
"Oh, how are they?  That girl, know she can sing.  I just love her voice."
"They are great."
 "If I can get away, I would love to come."

"Nana, will you take me to the zoo, like you did when I was a little girl?"
"Oh, are you not a little girl, anymore?"

"No. I'm 5 now."
"Oh yes, that's right. Five definitely means you are not a little girl, anymore."

"Why don't you show Nana the ribbon your teacher gave you for
being the class helper?"

"I don't know where it is." 

"Well when you find it, put it in a safe place and you can show Nana
when she comes by next time."
"Ok, but what about the zoo?"

"Jada, it's a little cold for the zoo.  Maybe Nana will take you out to lunch one day."
"Yes, Nana will take you to lunch real soon. Now how about a hug goodbye?"

"Nana will come see you again real soon."
"Probably not tomorrow. How about I call you and we can coordinate
our schedules?"

Nana Tina has a late client appointment with a woman named EbonyNicole, who seems to have an obsessive attraction to Asian men. LOL!

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  1. I like her! She is very stylish and i love her short hair! Maybe Curtis needs to book an apointment with her!!

  2. Lovely post!!! What a stylish Nana!

  3. william - Could you imagine if you and I lived close to each other? We would have a ball visiting each other's doll sets.

    Rosetti - Thanks. Nana got it going on! I love seeing chic and elegant older women.

  4. I was reading through this thinking how great the shots were and soaking up all the dialog and then you got to Ebonynicole's appointment due to her obsession with Asian men and I burst out laughing! :) Don't worry Ebony, I always love your posts in regards to Asian men....I too have a problem. I'm just not as brave as you to let my obsession show. And don't even get me started on the LOADS of K-Drama I watch...yeah, kind of shameful. ;)

  5. Hello from Spain: Thanks for explaining the structure of your families. So all we know in detail. I hope that ultimately Dario Nikki do not stop. I like your arguments because they are like real families, with joys and sorrows. Very good buy with the psychiatrist NanaTina. We remain in contact blog blog

  6. Cat - Hopefully EbonyNicole will know that I am just having fun. Yesterday when she viewed the Recording Studio tutorial, she again was oogling over the Asian guy. That is why the pschiatrist was freed from her box today. I, too, love all the handsome fashion doll men that come in our midst.

  7. Marta - Doing the summary was long overdue. Glad I could clear things up for you. Darius and Nikki will be together for awhile. I really like them as a couple.

  8. I don't know what happened to my earlier comment, but here goes again:

    Tina is a very "chic" nana.


  9. DBG - Delayed laughter over here. Took me a minute. Yes, she is!

  10. I love it! Now that you have a plane, you can send her my way. I've got a couple of relationships hittin' the fan...I'll be posting about those soon. It's another chemistry thing. I could use the counseling, LOL.

    She's so perfect as Trichelle/Shantavia's mom. I immediately thought that for Brook, Asia and Corbin. She's mature looking but has a youthful beauty to her too.

    ROTFL about EbonyNicole. Love your sense of humor, Vanessa. I must say, I had no idea about some of the Asian musical groups until I saw Brooklyn Stars Forever videos. Very nice, some really hot guys. I can see why the obsession. :)

    Great to see a new character on board.

  11. Tracy - Now that I think about it, you should have definitely been the first one scheduled to see the psychiatrist! If you change another couple, I am personally going to fly out myself.

    I was surprised at how well she plays the older woman. I like having grandparents in the stories.

    It is nice to get the characters on board that I have been talking about forever. I would like to think that I am almost finished with the characters, but those BB 3.0 and Prettie Girls are out there. In the words of Charlie Brown, GOOD GRIEF!

  12. The second shot is my favorite. I always like how you create your settings! Can't help noticing that cute cactus prop either! :)

  13. @ Vanessa - LOL! I know what you mean..."good grief." I'm thinking I can pass on the BB 3.0's but I'm not sure yet. As for the Prettie Girls, I thought I could pass on them but there is one in particular I don't think I can let get away.

    As for my couples, I've been really good with the main characters staying together but some of the changes came about because my daughter, Story, kept eye-balling my dolls and I started feeling guilty. So, she inherited a couple of girls and that's what started me looking at other possibilities.

    You know it's bad when you start
    blaming your kids for things you do, LOL. Well, hopefully I will post some updates and photo stories tonight.

  14. In a Dolly's World - Thanks. I think that cactus came from a miniature shop umpteen years ago.

  15. Tracy - You and Debbie from Black Doll Collecting are scheduled for a group therapy session entitled, Mommy and Me...and her Dolls. Because as we have learned, even when the dolls are bought for the daughter, they are still mommy's dolls.

  16. I love this new character and am glad I didn't buy that doll before you got to her.

  17. limbe dolls - As the pastor says on Sunday morning, "Bless you, my child." I am awfully happy you didn't buy her either. I am surprised that she was there so long. You know how long I have been wanting a psychiatrist and I think she's perfect.

  18. Vanessa I know you're playing around, I was laughing for a so long because I did not realize I was so opened about it!

    @Cat, why do you think I'm so in love with Haven! I love the K-Dramas. I can't wait for Thanksgiving weekend so I can get my watch on!

    @Tracy India, I have more Asian male actors, singers and group to share with you! Don't worry girl I will not leave you in the dark!

    As for Tina, I will see her soon because I really like her!

  19. EbonyNicole - Didn't know you were so open about it! Really! You need more help than I first realized. LOL.

  20. Okay I did do little back tracking at my comments! Yes, I need lots of help! Come to think of it, I talk about Korean star Rain all the time, I have another facebook account where I join all kinds of groups talking about Asian men! Plus every Asian Male doll or action figure I see I want! OH yeah, I will be seeing Tina very soon!


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