Friday, September 23, 2011

Animal Attraction and Apple Green Plaid

Don't be confused.  They are just the names of my two latest furniture pieces.  I have more coming, but I have to take a station break to work on a commission or two.  Both pieces are listed in my Etsy shop.

This is one of my favorite fabrics.  It is so soft. I made a chair from this fabric about 4 years ago.  I didn't have a lot of fabric to begin with, but I was able to get an accent chair and ottoman out of what I had left.  If I look at it too long, I may be unlisting it and putting it in someone's house downstairs. LOL.

Look who I found.  Jacquelyn Langford.  Poor child hasn't had any camera time lately.  If you look closely, you can see the scowl on her face.  I sure hope she hasn't been hitting the bottle all this time.  If so, she may need some professional help by now.

The latest sofa is called Apple Plaid.  This sofa makes me smile. 

So happy to see that she is eating cake and drinking tea.  I was getting worried.

The next post should feature food, but it won't.  I have been patiently waiting for new plates to arrive before making any new food.  I sure hope the plates are the right size.  So instead of food, you will probably get the next and last segment of the Labor Day Cookout. 


  1. Both GORGEOUS! I'm really loving that animal print chair!! Nice!

  2. Ytacy - Thanks! That animal print is even more beautiful in person.


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