Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Forced Myself to Sew a Little Bit

I used to sew very well.  As a matter of fact, when I had my porcelain doll business, I used to sell doll clothes (11" to 18") in a local store.  That was back in 2003/4.  My motto was, "NO VELCRO".  Most garments had zippers, even the Barbie clothes. The rest had snaps, and hooks.  I was sewing pintucks, using double needles, lining everything, etc.  I have been trying to get back to my sewing, and I feel like I am starting all over again.  All those tips and tricks I used to know, seem to have left me.  All my pattern drafting skillls.... gone.   I know it is just a matter of spending a few weeks of doing it regularly and it will slowly come back to me.  Over the past year, I have made a few dresses for the ladies that turned out fairly well, but the process wasn't second nature like I want it to be.  So I am going back to the basics.

Last week I read a post by CorsetKittenWorkshop.  She made 90 garments in 2 weeks.  I thought surely, I can sew a few (that would be three) pieces in 2 weeks time.  Well, yesterday I needed a break from the furniture making, and I sewed a few garments just to get my feet wet again.  I am not thrilled with any of them, but I am thrilled that I have taken a step to getting back to sewing the way I used to.  Hopefully in 3 - 4 months I will be back in good form. Part of my "Ultimate To Do List" is to sew up as much fabric as I can and to use as many patterns as I can.  So I need to get started.

Danielle tore herself away from Rod so that she could model the new clothes. I think she understands that this will increase her chances of wearing them first.  She was happy with the bodysuit I made.

I paired the bodysuit with this pair of red trimmed jeans.  I didn't make the jeans.

I don't like these 2 pieces together, but I made the skirt and decided, as unattractive as it is, I still need to show it.  It will be something to look back on in a few months and laugh.  A belt and some jewelry would go a long way to make it look a little better.

This outfit is for Zahara, but she was busy picnicking, so the new kid on the block decided to model her new outfit.  The top makes a perfect dress for the Kelly doll.

"Get it girlfriend".

Maybe Danielle will take up yoga.  These new pants would be perfect.

I made this little skirt first. I needed to make something quick and dirty. I cut this from a swimsuit I bought from the $1 store.  It is meant to be for lounging or as a bathing suit cover up.  She may need something like this on her overnight trip with Rod.  He is probably thinking clothes is optional.  Oh, I forgot this is Rod we are talking about.

It doubles as a dress.

So I made six basic garments in one day.  I exceeded my goal.  If you notice, most of the garments are red.  That is because I had no desire to change the thread and bobbin during this project.  Any little thing like that could completely throw me off course.  My goal is to sew something at least once a week.  Let's see how I do.  I hope to be designing originals pretty soon.  Once I get there, I think I will rename my store Furniture, Food, and Fashions, oh my!  Just kidding.


  1. Great job vanessa, I gave up sewing a few years ago so i know the feeling! I like the skirt and with the right acessories it will be spot on!

  2. william - Thanks. Later on I hope to make some belts, handbags, and other items to accessorize with.

  3. I agree, great job, and a lot was accomplished in one day. Keep at it, those once-known sewing tricks will return and you'll be producing your own line of fashions in no time as another department to add to your Etsy store.


  4. DBG - Thanks. I'm trying to save up enough money to buy that cloning machine. I don't know why I am adding things to my list. What's that saying..."If you want something done, give it to a busy person." Personally, I just think I have adult ADD.

  5. Yours is creative energy being put to good use.



  6. Love it! six in one day, It's like riding a bike. You never forget LOL. Fashions by Vanessa? I love the last pic especially. The blue and white dress is cute!

  7. My favorite is the child's outfit. I also like the nautical print outfit but prefer it as a dress rather than a skirt although maybe if you made a white blouson top with a sailor collar the skirt would be cool.

  8. I love the red outfit on the child. There are not many children’s outfit out there. Zahara will look perfect in that red. You are preaching to the choir girl! I think many of us had sewn things... alot of things, at one point. Me... I'm a moods sewer...or it is binge sewer. Anyway, fabric might sit there for months or years and nothing. Then I get in a mood and I'm up for three nights in a row sewing everything and drinking coffee! Now I am not a fantastic sewer but I do OK. I had never did doll things as an adult but I feel like I have to now. I find that the clothing helps to define the character too. I’m not finding what I want my dolls to wear. Not have the right clothing for the doll sucks. I too am making small steps. Oh, and that cloning machine thing all falls apart when the clone has 50 things she'd rather do than the things you want done. The clones are too busy! Ha Ha

  9. Chynadoll - It has not been like riding a bike. I had to pull out the tricycle.

    limbe dolls - The nautical print is a swimsuit fabric. I think that is why I had casual, loungy wear on the brain. I was going to make her a bathing suit and use the skirt as the cover up.

    Ms. Leo - You are too funny. I can see you now overdosing on caffeine trying to sew. When I get it all back together, I will probably only put kid clothes in the store. It is so hard to find them. I am so tired of seeing Joseph in those overalls and red shirt. And poor Julian. He desperately needs some clothes that fit. He can't go another winter wearing long shorts and freezing because he doesn't have a jacket. I think you are right about the clones. I will keep just putzing (not a word) along.

  10. Wow, great job! I'm so glad you're adding this to your repertoire. I want to start making clothes soon too. I'm going to work on learning to love sewing first!

  11. Dani - I just love my blogger friends. You guys just crack me up sometimes. How does one work on learning to love sewing first without actually sewing? Is there meditation or prayer involved?

  12. love the outfits cant wait to see more

  13. How cute. The bodysuit looks just like a human sized one. The blue dress is my favorite.

    I too used to sew...everything I wore. Now? Ha! I will throw something away before I repair it...unless I can use it for my miniatures that is LOL

    Come on lady keep inspiring your fan club! :-)



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