Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Took All Day to Load the New Video

My patience was tried more than once today.  Yesterday I finished shooting and editing the video.  I spent the morning putting the finishing touches in place.  I started the upload.  Sometimes the upload can take hours.  I had plenty to do, so that is never a problem.  I do try to stay off the internet during this time.  I don't want to affect the upload in any way.  Hours later, the video loaded to YouTube, I pushed play and there was no sound.  Darn!  Since I did the same thing on the last video, I knew what the problem was.  I deleted the video and started another upload.  So I bit the bullet and knew I would possibly be waiting another 4+ hours for the video to load.  Would you believe I still had no sound the second time around?!  Now I was a little ticked.  It was still my fault.  In my haste, I had selected the wrong file to upload.  Losing confidence that this video would get loaded today, I tried for the third time.  Success!

Had to shoot this video when it got darker outside, so that it would be later in the day for the cookout.  So there are some strange lighting things happening.  I didn't want to spend too much time trying to be perfect, so it is what it is. 

Double Click to see in full screen.

Here are a couple of still shots from the video.

I made this little sleeper set this past weekend.  It is a little big on her, but still looks cute.  It was my first time making them.  I have to make the feet better next time. 

I used white polymer clay in the bottle.  I like that I can change it to orange juice or apple juice.

These are footed pjs I made 5 months ago for Josepeh to wear at the Beach House. But I never got to do the scene with the kids in their pjs.  I'm just glad that he can still fit them. LOL!  You should see him when he is walking around.  His pamper that I made him sticks out of the pjs, just like a real baby's would.  Sorry, you won't get to see that in this video.  You just have to take my word for it.  I hope you enjoy the new video.


  1. Very nice! Love all the little details of the food and drinks! That baby's sleeper is too cute! I'm so happy for the engaged couple. Yeah there's going to be a wedding video coming soon. Great job on this video. Love it!

  2. Chynadoll - Thanks. That wedding video is so far off. Let's think bachelor party, bachelorette party, engagement party, wedding show, etc, etc. That wedding video may be 6 months away. LOL!

  3. woohoo ! A wedding is going to happen! Congrats to Rod and Danielle. I hope that Brody gets a wedding invite..hint...hint! Love the Pjs on the little ones to.Vanessa , you never cease to amaze me!

  4. william - Brody and Curtis will both get invites, unless Brody has a seriou girl by then. I have been trying to figure out how to have dolls from other stories in my stories. Wouldn't that be awesome! I can't wait to make their wedding cake!

  5. Sorry you had so much trouble getting this video posted but hearing that it usually takes you four hours was helpful. I thought my computer was the only dinosaur that You Tube didn't like. Recently I got Clear, hoping that the connection would be faster than AT&T. I like the service much better but it still doesn't handle uploading to You Tube well. Fortunately we get blazing bit rates at work so when I upload there it only takes about 15 minutes.

    Great shots of the ring! Very hard to get good focus when you have such a small object, especially when the small object is shiny.

  6. Congrats to Rod and Danielle. They make a great couple. Danielle is going to need a Wedding Planner. Do you already have someone in mind? LOL

    It's funny that on my blog it said you posted this 9 hours ago and it just came up on my blog. Also I got e-mail saying you left comments on my blog. Last night only 1 appeared. Wonder what is going on?

  7. Awww... this was wonderful! I'm sorry I read the comments before I viewed the video, but I knew Rod would propose eventually. That first YES was a very excited one.

    I'm also sorry you had so much trouble uploading the video. I have never uploaded to Youtube and didn't realize doing so was an hours' long process.

    I also received notification that you commented on my blog about Alexis' redress. Since it had not posted to the blog, I emailed you privately.

    Can't wait for the before-the-wedding videos that you will produce before the wedding.


  8. limbe dolls - I have Clear too and I was thinking it would be faster loading to YouTube, but no. Everything else is faster, though. Watching videos now is a breeze.
    I think that ring will need to shrink a little before she puts it on. That thing will break her finger.

    Frannie - You know there will be a Wedding Planner. I have been trying to select one for a couple of days now. I was thinking of using Darius' sister, but I haven't confirmed this yet. This will be an opportunity to get some more of those characters into the action. Just think of all the things that are involved with planning a wedding. Of course we know who the photographer will be. Oh, I just thought of the tailor who will adjust her dress. That new sewing machine will get some action.

    DBG - I knew Rod would propose. I wasn't at all sure Danielle would say yes. You never really know what she is thinking.

  9. I can't wait until the wedding! My Dani has been engaged for a year or so and she's going to have to wait a long time!

  10. Vita Plastica - Poor Dani. Hopefully my Dani-elle won't have to wait that long. But thinking about all the stuff I need to do, like making Julian a tuxedo, it could be more than a year.

  11. I'm sorry to hear you had trouble loading the video. I'm really glad you were able to get it going because I enjoyed it. Rod had me fannin' myself over here...he's so romantic and smooth! Rod definitely knows what he wants out of life and a can't do anything but appreciate that. It will be real interesting when his ex (sorry I forget her name) hears the news.

    Can't wait to see more! :)

  12. Tracy - Malanie is his ex-wife. He has been so concerned about the proposal, he hadn't really been worried about her. Now he will have to figure out the best way to tell her. When I got engaged, 4 of the 5 stepkids were so excited that they immediately called their mom to share the good news. She was not at all amused. I have a feeling he will tell her when he takes Nicole home on Monday. I think he should tell her before Nicole does.

  13. I Can't Wait For The Wedding Video!!!!! The Sleeper's Are Too Cute!!!! Maybe You Need To Make A Boy Teenager For The Niece....And I Knew They Would Be Engaged Congrats Rod & Danielle!!!!! Do You Need A Full Wedding Planner And Cake Desginer? Im Here For It All I Love Desgining Cakes.....And I Hope Nicole Will Be Happy For Them Tooo!!!!!! And EveryThing Was Lovely And Reading The Other Comments After The Video Is Lovely Too.

  14. @ Vanessa - I've thought about how I would handle it if my ex-husband got married. Wooooo Hoooooo (jumping up and down like Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch). That would be one of many highlights in my life. As long as the new wife respects the fact that I'm the mother of my little girl, I'd be extremely happy about the situation. I'd pray for her though, because my ex could tick off a statue.

  15. I loved it!! Very nice video and story. Your details are awesome!

  16. Girl you are so talented! I LOVED it. I can't wait for the wedding!! I understand your frustration with the upload. I don't know what it is about writing a blog I say I can post it tomorrow after I've had a chance to edit but I always want to do it right away. It's like getting a fix. ;-)

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the video.

  17. Ok first let me say I should not have read this in public. Because I had to supress a really big WHOOP! When Darious proposed. I knew he would. The card game did make me giggle out loud though LOL

    I am sorry you had trouble but it was well worth it.

    The kids were cute in their jammies.

    Everyone is talking about the wedding and ex-wife. I am waiting for them to re-enter the house and tell the folks at the BBQ! LOL

    Keep it up Van...if you stopped now I would surely need to go to a rehab.


  18. Gwen - I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when you watched. By the way, Rod proposed, not Darius. I do have a Nikki and Darius photostory that I just shot today. So you will get a small dose of Darius soon. Unfortunately, they were not able to tell the people at the BBQ because they wanted to tell the kids first alone. So as you can imagine they are both bursting at the seams with the news. I don't think they went back in the house for quite some time. I don't want you ending up in rehab, so I will keep the stories coming.

  19. Van,

    You are right I meant Rod. That is what happens when you are at work and trying to read Van's blog ahaha.

    Oh yes, they must tell the kids first. So I guess we will just have to wait for the engagement party/announcement et al.


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